If you ask me, there are few things that a little paint can’t fix. Got an old table? Slap a fresh coat on it and it looks brand-new. Boring wall? Yeah, it works there, too! But it takes a true innovator to think outside the box and find places you might not expect paint to make such a strong impact.

These people all fall under that category! Don’t think that a bright color can totally change a room from inside a cabinet? Think again.

1. Make a window even brighter with a brush of yellow.

2. An all-white kitchen is nice — but a pop of color inside the cabinets is arguably way more fun.

3. Make a good first impression by giving your doorbell a new look.

4. Have a smile on your face every time you open your desk.

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5. In fact, decorate the drawers of just about anything and it’s instantly more exciting!

6. Look forward to selecting your outfit for work with this armoire upgrade.

7. This 10-minute tutorial subtly changes the look of your door.

8. Frame a canvas with a pop of color for a fun look from every angle.

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9. Vintage trunk on the outside, party on the inside!

10. Display your china in style.

11. Make your coat closet a thing to show off, not hide.

12. Give everyone something to look at when they’re walking through your halls.

13. Go vintage with paint and some selective sanding.

(via HouseBeautiful)

There you have it…paint can officially make everything prettier — even a doorbell!

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