As the breathtaking leaves begin to fall, it means that autumn is in full swing.

In no time, though, this autumnal beauty will be but a distant memory, and the cold winter months will be upon us. So why not extend the look of fall for a little while longer? As beautiful as the leaves look outside, wouldn’t they look even better decorating the inside of your home?

Here are 16 DIY beautiful projects that will help you incorporate fall leaves into your home decor.

1. No autumn tablescape is complete without a few leafy coasters.

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2. Transform a bag of leaves into an epic piece of wall art.

3. Give your doors a colorful makeover by creating this masterpiece.

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4. Make every meal fall-tastic with leaf print tablecloths.

5. This epic fall garland combines my love of reading with beautiful fall leaves.

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6. Nothing says I love you quite like a bouquet of autumn roses.

7. You can never have enough rustic fall goodness in one household.

8. They say to take a picture because it lasts longer, but I think framing these leaf paintings will do the trick, too.

9. These clay leaf bowls will give your candy dish an autumn upgrade.

10. Get the kids involved in the fall decorating with these adorable hedgehogs.

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11. Who knew you could make such beautiful wall art with leaves, spray paint, and aluminum foil?

12. Take your love of fall on the go with this simple leaf tote.

13. Any way the wind blows, this leaf mobile is sure to up the fall decor ante.

14. Not all fall projects require a lot of time or money. Case in point: this cost-effective wall art.

15. Although this table runner uses fabric leaves, you could definitely make it a bit more realistic by using the real deal.

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16. Give a gift that any birthday boy or girl will fall in love with.

I better start stockpiling leaves before the neighbor’s dog gets his paws on them.

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