Winter is coming, and there go your Sunday night plans for the next few months. Game of Thrones returns April 14, and you’ll be spending a lot more time at home.

Your house might not be fit for the one true king, but you can at least do a little decorating to spruce up the place. These accessories will prepare you for upcoming adventures.

Royal-approved Game of Thrones merch 

1) You know what they say, “Fear cuts deeper than swords” (or knives in this case)


You’ll need sustenance to stand a fighting chance against white walkers. This wooden, engraved cutting board will help you remember, just like the north.

Price: $29+

2) Greet guests properly


You’ll never forget where you are with this indoor/outdoor welcome mat. 

Price: $21.49 (regularly $29.95)

3) Flavor is coming

Put a little seasoning on the horse heart before you devour it in front of your lover. The salt and pepper shakers feature a Direwolf for Stark fans and are available in rose gold or marble black.

Price: $19.99+ (regularly $53)

4) Stay cozy with this microfleece throw


Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.

Price: $24.99

5) House banners add flair to your boring walls


Make sure guests can hear you roar with this stitched fabric banner. It features the sigil and colors of the Lannisters, but you can choose your preferred house.

Price: $18

6) It’s only wine!


A goblet fit for a king. 

Price: $23.82 (regularly $34.99)

7) A Stark wall clock made for counting down the time left until the next episode


Keep track of how long it’s been since Jon Snow was stabbed, and metaphorically, so were you, with this custom birch plywood clock. It looks great on any wall, even 700-foot ones.

Price: $40.57+

8) These wax seal coasters are perfect for protecting your surfaces


Pick your poison in beverage choice, then again in house, with these coasters, which feature six of the houses.

Price: $57

9) This working hand-crank music box carved from wood is more than just aesthetically pleasing


Now you can play the theme song over and over and over and over and over again–such a sweet melody!

Price: $12.99

10) Dragon egg cannister for all your snacking needs


Instead of screaming, “WHERE ARE MY SNACKS?!” keep them safe inside this ceramic dragon’s egg. Unless you’re in Qarth, then you might want to consider a vault.

Price: $52.89

11) Sword bathroom wall decals add some flare


You may not have an iron throne, but we all have a porcelain one.  

Price: $19.98

12) Peep this canvas map of Westeros to avoid getting lost


Keep tabs on where the characters are with this handy map, which will hang nicely in your throne room. (The one with the couch, not the toilet.)

Price: $31.73

13) Personalized Game of Thrones whiskey set for those who drink and know things

You’re going to need a stiff drink if past seasons are any indication of the heartbreak we’re about to have back in our lives.

Price: $49.90

14) ‘Crows before hoes’ mug says it like it is


You’ll also need a strong cup of coffee to keep you awake at work Monday morning, because there’s a good chance you’ll be too busy sobbing or filled with rage to fall asleep after each episode.

Price: $10.79 (regularly $11.99)

15) Inspire and delight with this handmade print set


Ready to frame, this set of 3-handmade prints will remind you to be fierce, no matter what battles may lie ahead. 

Price: $9.99

16) Vigil candles are perfect for setting the mood


Honor the fallen with a candlelit vigil

Price: $15.99+

17) Keep your library stacked and safe with this detailed bookend


A mind needs books to stay sharp! 

Price: $65

18) All halls lead somewhere…like to these gorgeous pillow covers


A normal person can’t just turn off love! 

Price: $28+