There are plenty of F-words associated with recreating Pinterest projects.

Aside from the one we all start screaming when we screw up yet another batch of cupcakes, these come to mind: fun and failure. If you’re anything like me, your attempts at cranking out holiday-themed sweets and adorable scrapbooking feats often take a sharp left into crazy town before all is said and done.

These 20 people need to close that Pinterest window and back away slowly.

1. Ah, Samoas. They are the undisputed champions of Girl Scout cookies.

Just a Taste

Just kidding. Dispute away.

2. This balloon bowl is a Pinterest classic.

And it should be left to the professionals.

3. What better way to start the day than with some adorable bunny pancakes?

Based on this abysmal failure, literally any other way would be better.

4. Everyone loves a good antique piece…

…unless it looks like this.

5. Pinterest crafters know that all bets are off when cupcakes are involved.

I would like to present this tragedy as evidence.

6. Holiday crafts and recipes run amok on everyone’s boards when Halloween and Christmas roll around.

And they almost always end up looking like these miserable, marshmallow-laden nightmares.

7. This snowman lollipop idea was so cute…

…until it wasn’t.

8. I need one of these next Halloween!

No one needs one of these at any point whatsoever.

9. Packing hacks are sometimes lifesavers.

And sometimes, they turn your apartment into what appears to be the scene of a horrific crime.

10. Bouquets of roses are always nice, but bundles of cupcakes are far superior.

Or you could give your special someone a bouquet of bleeding human hearts! That’s probably symbolic or whatever.

11. Okay, are these not the cutest little appetizers you’ve ever seen?

They’re at least cuter than these tiny atrocities.

12. Forget Christmas lights. Glittery snow orbs are way cooler.

If you can’t get the shape down, you could always make replicas of pig bladders like this crafter evidently decided to do because life is horrible and nothing works.

13. Here we have autumnal rainbow realness.

And here we have a visual representation of labor pains, probably.

14. Me on Saturday night.

Me on Sunday morning.

15. People with cake-decorating skills on this level baffle me.

People with cake-decorating skills on this level don’t confuse me at all.

16. If you want to wow your guests with cupcakes that look like they came out of a French bakery, give these a go.

If you want to burn your whole house down, leave them in for 13 hours longer than suggested.

17. Slay that lowlight game, girl!

Make a hair appointment as soon as humanly possible, girl!

18. This looks like it should be in a museum.

This looks like it should go straight back to Hell, where it belongs.

19. On a scale of one to adorable, these are pretty adorable.

On a scale of one to “you should have at least some artistic skill before trying this project,” well…you know.

Sadly, most of us fail miserably when it comes to nailing these recipes and crafts. What was your worst Pinterest screwup of all time?

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