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On Halloween night, most neighborhoods are flocked with herds of children waiting to add to their sugar stash.

Despite living in the heart of a school district, my house never sees many, if any trick-or-treaters. With that said, my parents and I still buy loads of candy, just in case. However, more often than not we end up eating most of the candy ourselves.

Even if you’re not in the same boat, you may want to consider taking some of your kid’s candy for these recipes…

Rather than gorging on fun-sized chocolate bars and other treats, there are actually a wide variety of recipes that turn Halloween candy into the star of the show. Here are 20 candy-coated recipes that will transform your leftovers into tasty desserts.

1. Break me off a piece of this Kit Kat Crunch Bar.

2. These Snickers cupcakes are so pleasing to the eye, that you’d never know they weren’t baked from scratch.

3. Candy corn may be an acquired taste, but who doesn’t love a candy parfait?

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