Witch hazel is one of the lesser-known extracts you might find in your home.

This natural astringent, which comes from a group of deciduous shrubs found in most parts of North America, can be found in the same shopping aisle as hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol, but many are unaware of its myriad uses.

Witch hazel is a common ingredient in many mass-produced healthcare products, but it can also work wonders on its own. Once you take a look at all the benefits and uses of this miracle extract, I’m willing to bet that it’ll show up in your cart on your next shopping trip.

1. Plagued with acne? Apply witch hazel to help cut back on inflammation.

2. Relieve your baby’s diaper rash by putting a generous portion of the astringent on the affected area with a cotton ball.

3. Prevent itching from poison ivy or bug bites by applying witch hazel.

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4. Putting a layer of witch hazel on your face daily will help reduce the size of your pores.

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5. Soak a cloth in witch hazel and use it to clean your pet’s ears.

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