For some Halloween enthusiasts, there’s more to the spooky holiday than dressing up and going door-to-door for candy. For them, it’s all about throwing the perfect party.

This is the one time of year when all of the kooks come out to play. Rather than throwing together a party last minute with some of the world’s saddest decorations, why not plan ahead and throw a bash that your guests will be dying to attend?

To help you ghoulish girls and guys get started, here are 24 Halloween party tricks that are sure to make your guests have a frighteningly good time.

1. Let the spirits guide you.

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2. Carving pumpkins can be time consuming, so why not save a few hours by carving oranges and filling them with chocolatey treats?

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3. What has eight legs and is made entirely out of craft supplies? One of these freaky decorative spiders.

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4. You can string together this ghosty garland in almost no time at all.

5. Show off your confectionary prowess with some Halloween topiaries.

6. With a light display like that, there’s no question where the party’s at.

7. Give your serving tables a bit of a witchy upgrade.

8. What’s that crawling in your drink? Add some rubber spiders to your ice cubes for instant terror.

9. Decorate your lawn with these rocky Jack-O’-Lanterns.

10. Everyone will be disturbed by these murder towels.

11. Light up the party with some awesome bloody candles.

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12. Glow-in-the-dark punch will leave your guests wondering if it’s safe enough to drink.

13. Give partygoers a fright before they even get through the door with mummified decor.

14. Craft a concrete pumpkin that’s so durable, it can follow you into the afterlife.

15. Watch where you’re going. Wouldn’t wanna get stuck in this spider’s sticky web.

16. All eyes will be on you during your party, especially with this eyeball wreath.

17. Lend everyone a hand with these goodie bags.

18. Who knew drinking blood could taste so yummy?

19. These “boo-nana” pops are perfect for simple, spooky snacking.

20. No actual witches were harmed in the making of these tasty treats.

21. Freeze water inside a surgical glove, remove the latex, and drop into your punch for a morbid twist.

22. Scatter a few of these glowing eyes around the house for maximum terror.

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23. Keep Frankenstein’s monster tied down with some shackles and chains. Create your own using pool noodles.

24. Transform your old medicine bottles into jars full of eerie potions.

So many ghoulishly good ideas, so little time. Are you ready to slay the Halloween game this year?

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