1) Create a modern and festive Christmas wreath by using a glue gun to glue ornaments onto a styrofoam wreath and then tying a colorful ribbon at the top to hang.

The holidays can be stressful, what with all that pressure for “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” while you’re trying to deal with your family, shopping, and keeping the crazy uncle out of the eggnog while the cat claws up the tree.

Fa-la-la! In other words, make it easy on yourself when it comes to those decorations by getting creative without getting crazy.

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2) Create a mini tree by painting a pinecone and then adding glitter, a star, and sticking it in a pot.

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3) Buy a bunch of mini stockings at the craft store and use them to hold utensils at your Christmas table.

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4) Have old containers from foil or plastic wrap? Wrap them up and use them to deliver delicious cookies.

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5) Create sweet placeholders by gluing together three mini candy canes.

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6) Stick pretzels, M&Ms, and candy into chocolate donuts to simulate reindeer.

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7) All it takes is a few tin cans, a nail, a hammer, and some paint to light the way into a happy Hanukkah.

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8) Scraps of felt, wooden balls, and wool roving dress up plain pinecones to make a fun gnome ornament trio.
p align=”right”>Via: BHG9) Why serve guacamole in a bowl when you can add some pretzels, pita, and peppers to create festive trees?

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10) Save yourself and your sanity by wrapping holiday lights around hangers at the end of the year.

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11) It doesn’t get much easier (or sweeter) than using peppermint candies to surround a candle-filled centerpiece.

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12) Turn planters you already have into a Christmas scene with a few festive figurines.

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13) Create your own ornaments by filling plain glass balls with paint and then coating the inside with sprinkles.

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14) Make an extra batch of gingerbread cookies, cut out a hole, and string them along for creative garland.

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15) Who doesn’t have leftover red cups at the end of the season? Do yourself a favor and use them to store those ornaments from the tree.

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16) Instead of filling up that wine glass, turn it upside down and fill it with small Christmas trinkets and some white garland. Top it off with a candle so it can serve dual purposes.

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17) Need an easy gift? Place cookie cutters and fudge into cellophane gift bags, and tie with ribbons.

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18) Simply add burlap to a tree on your porch to add a festive touch.


19) If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, create beautiful burlap garland by sewing a strand of Christmas lights into a large piece of burlap.

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20) Use candy and ribbon to create candy sleighs perfect for gifts or tablescapes.

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21) All you need are plastic bags, scissors, and a wire frame to create a unique wreath.

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22) Have empty jars? Make festive snowglobes with fake snow, some figurines, and a string of lights.

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23) Ho, ho, holy cow these are cute! Simply top round brownie bites with strawberry Santa hats.

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24) This giant glitter-covered snowflake made with wooden craft sticks, glue and some paint takes minimal time for maximum impact.

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25) Even kids can make these reindeer with bottle caps, some google eyes, a red button, some faux sticks, and a red ribbon.

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26) Need an easy centerpiece or hall decoration? Ornaments, basket, and lights and you’re done.

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27) Or maybe just stick some berry branches in glass bottles?

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28) You can’t escape emojis, so why not make them into ornaments?

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29) Gift tags never looked better than when made with those paint chips you can get from any store.

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30) Fill glass lanterns with delicate tangles of lights instead of candles for an elegant touch of the holidays.

No need to be a Grinch when these tips make things a cinch!

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