When you’re decorating your home, you want to let visitors know that you’re an easygoing, lighthearted person who has nuanced views on euthanasia. These five wooden signs are fun, tasteful, and perfect for articulating your complex thoughts on whether a person should be allowed to have a medical professional assist them in bringing about their own death.

1. This is a perfect sign to showcase your family values and your carefully considered opinions on assisted suicide!

2. Anyone with a wife and a raging internal debate regarding euthanasia will get a kick out of this cheeky sign for the den or TV room.

3. This cute little poem will let your house guests know in no uncertain terms that, though the idea of euthanasia bothers you, you’ve heard the arguments for the other side and can empathize with them, despite your strong ideological and ethical disagreements.

4. Anyone who’s had to listen to their husband get a little too excited about his fantasy draft and feels that the aged and infirm should have the option to end their life on their own terms is sure to get a kick out of this fun decorative sign!

5. This adorable cartoon sign will add a little personal touch to any room where you want to commemorate the difficult euthanasia-related decisions you’ve had to make in the past.

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