If you need to lose weight, or you just want to get healthy, then breakfast should be your primary target. Even if you exercise every day, you might be sabotaging your plan if you skip breakfast. And even if you do eat breakfast, you may be choosing the inappropriate foods. Here are 5 smart breakfast tips to make that first meal of the day a nutritious one.

Never Skip Breakfast

This is #1 on the list of healthy breakfast tips for a good reason. You may think you’re shaving calories off your daily intake by skipping breakfast, but it leaves you more likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the morning. Breakfast actually kickstarts your metabolism, helping your body work harder to burn off calories from the meals you eat through the rest of the day.

Avoid Sugar

Many people assume that all breakfast cereals are healthy. This is far from the truth: many of them are loaded with sugar. This can lead to energy spikes and weight gain that will leave you feeling sleepy by lunch time.

Don’t Drink Too Much Juice

Although fruit juice is good for you, this doesn’t mean that doesn’t have lots of calories. The natural and artificial sugar in fruit juice can cause an energy spike, so stick to a small cup and drink water to rehydrate you for the day. Drinking extra water has the added benefit of helping you to feel more full and avoid snacking.

Start As If You Mean To Go On

Think of breakfast as a kickstart for your day.  Start with healthy foods that will give your body energy you need to get going. Avoiding fast food and fried breakfasts that’ll leave you feeling sluggish as you work.

Include A Few Superfoods

Superfoods (mainly ancient grains and exotic fruits and berries) are ingredients known to greatly decrease your risk of developing a range of diseases. Many of these are perfect for breakfast. Add these top ingredients to get you going: oats, tea, yoghurt (low fat), berries, nuts and seeds. Even if you only have small amount of these, it’s a good way to make sure you get something healthy into every day.

If all these healthy breakfast tips seem a little complicated for you while rushing around in the mornings, remember to plan ahead. Prepare your breakfast the night before to make it easier to stick to a healthy diet.