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Roadrunner versus Wile E. Coyote, Nikola Tesla versus Thomas Edison, and the United States versus the Soviet Union. All rivalries eventually come to an end. Except for sibling wars, that sh*t is forever. Bored Panda has compiled a list of hilarious brother & sister posts, and they’ll show you what you’re missing out on if you’re the only kid in your family. Peace and quiet, mostly. But also quite a few grins and giggles. From surprise hospital visits to convincing them brick mopping is a thing, continue scrolling to check out what every sibling is capable of. Oh, and upvote your faves!

#1 How My Graphic Designer Sister Likes To Send My Christmas Presents

#2 Had My Leg Amputated And My Brother Shows Up To The Hospital Dressed As A Pirate

#3 We Always Get Each Other Ironic Gifts, My Little Sister Killed It This Year: Batteries Not Included

#4 This Is How My 2.5-Year-Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

#5 I Texted My Younger Brother During Graduation To Remind Him That Full Time Employment Is Right Around The Corner

#6 My Brother Never Fails To Disappoint With His Personalised Christmas Gifts – This Year He Made Me A Calendar

#7 My Emt Brother Got Me A Very Important Medical Bracelet This Year

#8 Made Masks Of Sister’s Fiance Face For Bachelorette Party, This Is What She Walked In To

#9 Girlfriend’s Brother Was Very Honest Today

#10 My Sister And Her Boyfriend Are Heading Up To Our Cabin Tomorrow Night, So I Left Them A Present For When They Turn On The Lights

#11 My Appendix Burst And My Brothers Are Wankers

#12 Did Your Siblings Ever Tell You Were Adopted? Did They Ever Make Fake Adoption Papers And Emails? Well Mine Did

#13 About 5 Years Ago, I Put Googly Eyes On A Picture Of My Brother As A Baby. They’re Still There To This Day

#14 Parents’ Reaction To My Best Man Speech At My Brother’s Wedding: Priceless

#15 My Sister Said “Powerwashing Does Nothing”. I Retaliated In The Only Way I Know How

#16 I Had A Lot Of Explaining To Do When My Parents Found This On Their Camera Roll… In My Defense He Deserved It…

#17 How I Returned My Sister’s Computer After Fixing It

#18 So My Pregnant Sister Trusted Me With Decorating For Her Gender Reveal Party…

#19 When I Was Younger I Used To Like Pulling The Heads Off Of My Sister’s Barbie Dolls And Drawing A Face On The Stump Underneath

#20 My Brothers Picked Me Up From The Airport. It Was A Full Plane

#21 My Brother And His Fiancé Left Me Their House For The Weekend. So I Made A Terry Crews Shrine In Their Entryway

#22 Sister Welcomes Newborn Sibling To The Family

#23 My 3-Year-Old Finally Beat Her Brother At Candy Land. He Was Not Okay

#24 My Two Older Children Were Trying To Lay Out All Of Their Pokémon Cards, But The Youngest Kept Intervening, So They Duct Taped Him To A Chair

I assure you, I had nothing to do with this. I was in the shower and doing my hair while all this was happening. My oldest was supposed to be watching the youngest. The youngest is in the picture on the right only because I freed him from the chair.

#25 Replaced My Little Sisters Graduation Photo With One Of The Supreme Leader 3 Weeks Ago. Dad Still Hasn’t Noticed

#26 Bought My Brother Tree Trimmers For Christmas, Built A Cardboard Frame Around Them And Wrapped Them Like This

#27 My Sister And I Painted Each Other Bob Ross For Christmas, Turns Out We Have A Similar Sense Of Humor…

#28 I Just Turned Thirty Years Old And Have Mixed Feelings About It. My Younger Brother Sent Me This Care Package

#29 “Shirtception” – My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 5

#30 My Nephew Waiting For His Brother To Come Out Of His Bedroom

#31 Extra Embarrassing

#32 My Sister Got Me This Card After I Gave Birth

#33 Faceswapped My Brother And My Daughter. I Will Never Stop Laughing At This

#34 I Like To Make My Brother Look Like A Bad Parent

#35 My Mom Wanted A Selfie Of Her Sons At Our Sisters Wedding

#36 My Sister Works In A Coffee Shop And I Went In To Visit Her This Weekend. The Love Is Real

#37 The Moment My Friend’s Son Realizes That He’s No Longer The Baby Of The Family

#38 My Brother Needed A Place To Stay For The Night So I Built Him A Home

#39 My Friend’s Cousin Stayed Home New Year’s Night So He Could Spend It With His Sister

#40 When Your Older Brother Is Learning To Drive

#41 My 13 Year Old Sister Thinks She’s Hilarious

#42 My Sister Slapped Me Over The Head With This And Asked If I Expected It

#43 Brother-In-Law Made These. I Took A Bite Expecting A Hotdog. They’re Doughnuts

#44 My Brother Decided To Take This Lovely Photo Of Me, 2 Months Pregnant, Crying And Eating Ben And Jerry’s

#45 My Wife’s Sister Is Coming To Visit. Getting The Guest Room Ready

#46 Every Younger Brother Knows The Pain

#47 My Sister Was Suppose To Come Over This Weekend And Drink Hot Cocoa With Me, But She Decided To Spend It With Her Friends Instead. I Sent Her This To Express My Disappointment

#48 My 16 Year Old Sister Said She Will Keep Adding Band-Aids To My Car Until I Get My Dent Fixed. Day 96

#49 My Little Brother Worked At My Shop With Me Today, And I Convinced Him That Brick Mopping Is A Thing

#50 My Mom Made Me A Sandwich For Work But My Brother Saw The Note Before Me

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