The moment you become a parent, your whole world changes. All of a sudden, you’re no longer thinking about what’s best for you – your concern now is your kids and what’s best for them. Everything becomes about your kids and you’d literally do anything for them. When your child gets hurt, you feel their pain too. That’s why the most devastating experience any parent can ever have is to mourn the loss of their child. Nothing really compares to how truly horrible that feeling is, and even with lots of time and love, the scars will always be there. There have even been cases of parents who experience a mental breakdown caused by grief, going temporarily mad (especially in the immediate aftermath of the loss).

Last September, Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares of the Philippines had to say goodbye to her beloved 7-year-old son, Trebby. As she sits there, crying inconsolably while looking at the white coffin that contains her baby boy, something incredible happens. One of the several white, helium-filled balloons decorating the altar starts to float away from the coffin and towards Joy. It brushes up against her head and seems to continue on, but as Joy starts crying more profusely, the balloon changes direction and comes back around to her other side, where it stays for a while.

The video, originally posted to social media, has been viewed over three million times. While some argue that the balloon’s movements are just the result of it starting to lose helium, most people – including Joy – believe there was something else afoot here. They believe that the balloon was guided by Trebby’s spirit as a way to console his mother one last time. At the very least, it certainly is a remarkable coincidence. Besides, who among us would deny a grieving mother the feeling of contacting her dead son one last time?

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