You can do some truly unbelievable things with a deep fryer and a little imagination.

From fried tequila shots to crispy Sriracha, I thought I’d find deep-fried versions of every possible food on the planet.

Until today, that is because, apparently, Fried Peanut Butteris now a real thing.That’s right.Oh, Bite It !~ ATAGENDjust ran there and turned your favorite nutty spread into a next-level snack.

Essentially, the fried concoctionconsists ofdelicious, little dough balls packed with warm, gooey peanut butter.

Thesethings are ridiculously easy to make and merely require four simple ingredients.

Oh, Bite It! graciously theeasy steps soyou can have a mouthwatering mountain of melty peanut-butter dough balls in no time at all!

Yeah, I know, that sounds route better than just feeing plain old PB out of the jar.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this epic snack.

If you happen to have a serious love affair with peanut butter…

…you might want to brace yourself.

Oh, Bite It! just figured out how to deep fry peanut butter…

…and this tasty treat is basically a dreaming come true.

To build these bad sons, you’ll require Pillsbury Place’ N Bake Crescent Rounds, peanut butter, canola oil and powdered sugar. First, place individual tablespoons of peanut butter onto a lined baking sheet and hurl the sheet in the freezer.

Once the PB is frozen, roll out the Pillsbury dough and cut 2-inch circles. Then, place frozen peanut butter in the center of each circle…

Seal upthe dough and place the tray back in the freezer whileyour oil hots up to 350 degrees.

Then, toss those little dough balls into oil, and fry them until they reach crispy golden perfection on both sides.

After that, all you have todo is set them aside to cool…

Smother them with powdered sugar…

…and you’re all done!

Younow have a warm, gooeypeanut butter snack wholly worth trenching your New Year’s diet for.

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