I remember rummaging around in the garage as a kid while my dad was working on one project or another and wondering why he had so many PVC pipes sitting around.

Although I obviously didn’t know the name at the time, you best believe I shoved my arms through them and pretended I was a robot because I was the coolest. (And I still am.) I never really knew what he was doing with them because he never pretended to be a robot, but now I have a better idea of what was going on. If you have a few PVC pipes floating around at home, these clever projects will help you repurpose them like a pro!

1. Keep hairdryers and curling irons where they belong with this PVC organizer.

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2. Make a cool Nerf target for the kiddos.

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3. Help babies play in the sand and water without making messes of themselves by recreating this cute setup!

4. Make a cool hose caddy for a little backyard organization.

5. Bring the waterpark to you by trying out this awesome sprinkler project!

6. Build a ring-toss game to entertain adults and kids alike at your next barbecue!

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7. If you have a pool, create a little pod to hide your spare house key in the water behind the ladder.

8. Spray paint PVC pipes with metallic paint to create slim, luxurious vases for centerpieces!

9. Build a shoe rack to keep your entryway from becoming a cluttered mess.

10. Make a spinning organizer for easy access to all of your craft supplies!

11. Ensure that your plants are far enough apart by making a garden square.

12. Keep critters at bay by putting a PVC fence around your garden.

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13. This hanging drill rack is something any handyman would love!

14. Ambitious crafters can tackle this awesome movie screen project.

15. Don’t overwater your plants. Evenly distribute water by creating this little tool.

16. Why not build your own bike rack?

17. This garden tool organizer is perfect for cluttered garages.

18. Make cute mirror frames by cutting PVC pipes into thin pieces.

19. Put together camping chairs for kids (or bigger ones for adults) to keep their butts off the ground while they’re toasting marshmallows.

20. Storing riding boots is always a pain. If you have knee-high boots, this rack is perfect!

See? They’re good for WAY more than pretending to be a robot, but if that’s your thing, do you. Which projects will you try?

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