Are you constantly racing out the door ten minutes before you’re supposed to be behind your desk — when your commute takes half an hour? Is it a known fact among all your friends that when they receive your “omw!” text, you haven’t actually gotten in the shower yet?

There’s not much we can do to help you overcome your tendency to hit snooze 11 times in the morning, but perhaps a hardware upgrade for your time-keeping devices will help motivate you to discover your new, more punctual self. We’re bringing you a range of practical timepieces for any style. With millions of brand new, Buy It Now items from top-rated sellers, eBay makes buying jazzy new items for your home easy and hassle-free — and did we mention the eBay Money Back Guarantee?

eBay’s Shop the Look technology is here in the nick of time. Simply click the shopping tags in the shoppable images below to purchase these curated items now. Go ahead and treat yourself to a very timely gift.

Affordable smartwatch


Fancy the idea of a smartwatch but not sure you’re ready to commit to one that costs hundreds of dollars? The GT08 Bluetooth smartwatch is a SIM card-enabled device that lets you turn your watch into a wearable phone. Make calls, send texts (including those half-true updates that you’re on your way — ASAP!), and much more. The watch is also integrated with a pedometer, calorie calculator, and walking/running meter. A soft silicone band makes this device as comfortable as it is handy. 

The watch comes with a USB cable to connect to your laptop, and pairs easily with your Android or iOS device.

Vintage-style alarm clock


Prefer more of a retro look? This alarm clock is perfect for those trying to cut down on blue light before bedtime. This clock comes in five colors including green, pink, orange, red, and cream. Whether you’re experimenting with mid-century modern decor or simply want a practical device that will reliably wake you up for work, this alarm clock is an ideal addition to any nightstand.

Retro kitchen clock


If you ask us, kitchen clocks are highly underrated: They’re a stylish way to fill wall space in a hard-to-decorate room and they tell time. Forget about covering your smartphone in flour when you’re trying to time your latest soufflé experiments exactly right. This pastel-colored kitchen wall clock has its own baking timer built-in. Choose whatever colour suits your palate (blue, green, red, or cream) and complete the look of your retro-style kitchen today.

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