Sometimes, what we aspire to be in life doesn’t become a reality – and that’s okay. In fact, there are many people who graduate from college in one field of study and end up doing something entirely different and unrelated. The secret to a happy life is to adapt to your ever-changing desires rather than follow a path that you set for yourself years ago.

Five years ago, one lucky girl in Los Angeles was able to embrace both her job and her newfound love. Holly Fox is a graphic designer, but she also makes irresistibly adorable sugar cookies that can be found on Etsy. Featuring bright colors and the cutest designs, these delectable treats are almost too pretty to eat. Check out some of her collection below:

“I started baking about five years ago on a whim, to try and see if I could figure out this whole royal icing thing,” she wrote in her Etsy profile.

“Since then, I have been mixing many, many colors and piping many, many jewels … and I absolutely love it!”

There’s no denying her love of Pantone colors (which she also proudly states in her profile).

Who knew that graphic-design skills can be transferred so flawlessly onto sugar cookies?

These would be perfect for a child’s birthday party.

Milk and cookies will always be the best combo.

You can request custom colors for your cookies – and I don’t mean just generic color shades. As a graphic designer, Holly is able to get the exact Pantone hue that you want!

These would make terrific party favors. They look great as decor at the party, and people can enjoy the taste of these scrumptious cookies afterward, too.

On her Etsy page, you’ll find perfect reviews of Holly’s incredible cookies.

Many customers have commented that they couldn’t resist sneaking a bite of these delicious treats before serving them at parties.

All of the colors are perfectly coordinated. Each detail on the cookies is carefully and painstakingly applied.

You can tell just how much thought went into each design. A true artist at work!

Holly’s stunning cookie artwork has led to an impressive Instagram following as well.

Many fans are looking forward to her ever-growing collection of designs.

Just recently, she created these beautiful cookies adorning Prince’s symbol to commemorate the beloved late artist.

To keep up with her colorful, delicious works of art, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

If you want to taste these scrumptious cookies or order some for an upcoming party, go straight to her Etsy shop.

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