Sorry, IRL Chandler and Monica shippers!

We were as intrigued as the next Friends fans when we heard Matthew Perry

So far as we knew, Matthew was publicly single and had been for years. But back in November he was spotted out to dinner in West Hollywood with a mystery brunette, and The Sun believe they ID’ed her as producer and talent manager named Molly Hurwitz (above, inset).

They even found a source willing to spill all about their relationship. The insider claims:

“Molly has been seeing Matthew for months, they mix in the same circles and she’s originally from New York where they have spent time together. She has a very quirky sense of humour and they hit it off immediately.”

The source adds for all those wondering about the 28-year-old’s intentions with the 50-year-old actor:

“Molly is not interested in fame and she rarely parties, she’s been great for Matthew.”

That actually sounds lovely!

They’re right about her lack of interest in fame, that’s for sure. Molly’s Instagram page is private! Not exactly attention-seeking. However, The Sun‘s source apparently has access as they found evidence as far back as June hinting at Molly and Matthew’s relationship as she shared a photo of the block from Friends with the Chandler-inspired caption:

“Could there be any more people taking photos at this random street corner?”


More recently Molly posted a photo of a nicely adorned Christmas tree, joking:

“According to my parents’ custody agreement, my mother was not allowed to have a Christmas tree.

Fortunately, there’s no such agreement for a daughter’s boyfriend, so Hurwitz gets a treeeeeeee!!!”

A little Internet sleuthing showed it was the same tree another person in Matthew’s inner circle shared — leading to the outlet to the conclusion it was the tree decorating Matthew’s $35 million penthouse!

However, we should make super clear, neither has confirmed the relationship… yet. But according to the insider, they may not be able to stay so private for much longer…

“They have kept the relationship a secret but things are getting more serious. They spent Christmas Day together with friends at his penthouse, exchanging gifts and watching Elf on his large cinema screen.”

Aww! Sounds cute!

According to the source all his friends are happy for him — even the supposed former object of his affection, Courteney Cox. Apparently that’s because it’s been something of a struggle for him in recent years:

“He has been trying to find a girlfriend for a long time and even tried out celebrity dating app Raya, but he was struggling to meet the right woman.”

Matthew’s last known relationship was with Lizzy Caplan; he and the Masters Of Sex star dated from 2006 to 2012. In the late ’90s and early 2000s he is rumored to have briefly Julia RobertsHeather GrahamYasmine Bleeth, and Lauren Graham.

[Image via ABC/WENN/UpToMyKnees/YouTube.]

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