A few months ago, I hurt my leg running.

After finally dragging myself to Physical Therapy and learning I had a hamstring strain, I was kind of bummed out. See, I’m someone who loves working out — and when I can’t do it, it puts me in a f*cking horrible mood.

When I discovered that my co-worker Tracey was dealing with a similar problem (she broke her foot a few weeks ago), we decided to put our heads together. How could we still work out while recovering from our respective injuries?

So we consulted Karen Nuccio, a New York City-based fitness instructor who focuses on building lean, toned muscles in the arms, legs and core while making sure every single one of her students has perfect form.

It came as no surprise to me that when I asked Nuccio about working out while injured, she assured me there were a million ways to exercise without affecting a hurt limb.

So we had her come in and work out with us, and we learned quite a bit. In case you missed it on Elite Daily Snapchat (@EliteDailySnap), here are some creative ways to work around your injuries.

Meet the instructor.

Don’t use your injury as an excuse to stop working out.

If running is painful, stop doing it!

Let’s just get this out of the way: Letting your neck get involved in your workout is a recipe for disaster.

Your neck should look more like this. And make sure to activate your core!

Let’s get down to business.

No arms involved here.

And if your hamstrings hurt? Bend those knees.

Strengthen the muscles around your knees.

On to lower body injuries…

Plank time.

Oh, and side plank.

Keep resistance in those arms.

It makes all the difference!

Just look at those triceps.

Feeling stronger already? Good. Here’s hoping your injury heals very soon. For more fitness tips, keep following along on the Elite Daily Snapchat.

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