Jenna Jameson‘s weight loss journey continues!

The momma-of-three revealed earlier this month she’d finally hit her original goal weight, dropping 80 lbs down to 107. Amazing!

So in her most recent update this week she’s focusing on tone — and she’s doing it without the gym, which she say she “despises”!

Photos: Celebrity Post-Holiday Fitness Tips

How? Hiking, running stairs, and “walking as much as possible.”

See more tips AND amazing photos (below)!

That side-by-side! Wow!

See more of the fit mom’s latest weight loss tips and pics (below)!

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I think my most frequently asked question is “where do I start with Keto?” . First, get right in your mind! Be positive and visualize success! Second, CLEAN OUT YOUR KITCHEN. Get rid of everything with hidden sugars and all the processed nasty garbage you’ve been poisoning yourself with. By the way, I look at sugar like poison, it helps me refuse to eat it! Third, GO SHOPPING! I suggest Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. They don’t carry as much highly processed junk food that can tempt. Buy organic and grassfed. Invest in your insides! If you are shopping at a regular grocery, I suggest shopping the perimeter of the store and never the isles. Good rule of thumb is if it is a whole food not a mixture of chemicals it’s what god intended you to eat! Once you get in the groove eating #keto becomes second nature! Love you! Keto on my friend! #beforeandafterweightloss #intermittentfasting #ketodiet #beforeandafter #ketodiet #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney *by the way- I will be cooking a keto thanksgiving! Would you like a dedicated post and menu? 🦃

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Answers to my most asked questions. What hours do you intermittent fast? 6pm to 11am 5 days a week. Did you work out on top of keto to get your results? NO! I only began lifting weights and a bit of yoga this last month. Why are your tattoos switched in the pictures? One image is taken in the mirror. How tall are you? 5’7” Will you stay on keto forever? YES, it makes me feel strong and sharp. Why would I want to go back to feeling like a sloth? What do you put in your morning coffee? Sugar free coffee mate and stevia. Italian sweet cream coffee mate is my only vice. Did keto effect you milk supply? (I’m a nursing mom) no, but I recommend not doing keto until your baby is eating solids and breastfeeding. Just as a precaution. All mamas supplies and nursing journeys are different. What do you do if you hit a weight loss plateau? I cut dairy for a few days and it works like a charm! Love you guys, keto on! #ketodiet #intermittentfasting #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #beforeandafter #ketomama #qanda #sahmlife

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I have officially lost 80 lbs. 👀. I’m going to give a little updated menu because it’s my most requested thing ever! Wake up at 8- have 2 Nescafé coffees with sugar free creamer and sweetener. 11 am I make 3 scrambled eggs with basil cheese I get from Costco (in a block) I share them with Batelli. I then put Batel down for her nap at 1:30 and I snack on cottage cheese and have a fresca. Batel wakes up around 3:30 and I make her lunch. Yes, I make her carbs lol she isn’t keto. I usually make myself a HUGE bowl of arugula salad with vinaigrette dressing and LOTS of Parmesan cheese. Then at about 5 I grill myself a big ribeye steak with asparagus broiled in avocado oil. Then my fast begins! So many people ask if I count macros or check if I’m in ketosis and the answer is no. I just eat sensibly and intuitively. Also I get asked about “snacks”. My advice is stop snacking. Results come from work. It’s hard, but baby it’s SO worth it! Side note- bald Batelli is everything 👏🏻 #ketodiet #keto#intermittentfasting #weightlossjourney #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss

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