NEW YORK, NY: Cupcakes from Little Cupcake Bakeshop
Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour

If you’re a cupcake fiend, you probably already know Thursday is National Cupcake Day. If not hey, you’ve got a new excuse to eat some cupcakes.

But don’t stop there. Upgrade your home baking operation with these gadgets to make every day your own personal cupcake celebration.

Cuisipro cupcake corer ($5.88)

Image: Cuisipro

If you’re serious about your cupcakes, you realize they’re mediocre at best without filling. Get a cupcake corer to punch a hole in the middle of your treats to fill them with icing or other tastiness people won’t know whether they’re eating a cupcake from a pro or a cupcake made by you.

Dedicated cupcake maker ($20.89)

Image: Amazon

No oven? No problem. This dilemma can be easily averted by simply purchasing a cupcake baker.

Digital kitchen scale ($11)

Image: Amazon

If you don’t have the right combination of stuff, your cupcakes could go from life-changing to a major waste of time real quick. Don’t let that happen to you go digital with your measurements.

Game controller cupcake mold ($10)



Who doesn’t love cupcakes that have a theme? Throw an extravagant Xbox-and-chill sesh with some game controller cupcakes.

Cake batter dispenser and mixing system ($18)

Image: Cooking Upgrades

Cupcake batter can get real messy. This gadget will help you mix and dispense without the hassle.

Cupcake scoop ($9)

Image: Amazon

Don’t waste a drop of precious cupcake batter. This handy gadget makes sure there are no spills when transferring your batter into your cupcake pan.

Cupcake decorating kit ($19)

Image: Amazon

Make sure your cupcakes are as pretty as they are edible.

Cupcake portable charger ($46.50)


Image: John Nolan

For when you need to charge your devices… and are dreaming of cupcakes.

Cupcake phone case ($9)

And for when you just need to be reminded of what’s important in life.

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