Val’s unusual baking technique has captured hearts on the Internet.
Image: bbc/twitter/@yeezusdjh/mashable composite

LONDON There are all sorts of culinary hacks out there designed to make your cake-baking experience run as smoothly as possible but listening to a cake to tell whether or not it’s ready has got to be a new one.

For Val, though a retired headmistress from Somerset, UK, who’s taking part in this year’s Great British Bake Off competition it’s business as usual.

“I listen to my cakes,” says Val during the first baking challenge, cheerfully raising a sponge to her ear. “And they’re not ready.

“They sing,” Val explains moments later. “And they say ‘I’m not ready, I’m not ready!'”

Later in the show, Val uses her technique to good effect.

The internet couldn’t get enough of Val.

It’s still early days in the competition, but Val may already be the people’s champion.

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