IRL streamer and YouTuber Brandon Grosso just underwent his second on-camera arrest in the last nine months.

The arrest occurred on Monday while Grosso—who goes by Hampton Brandon—was relaxing with friends in Arizona. Police arrived soon after, cuffing Grosso off-camera presumably for the several warrants he’s managed to accumulate in the state.

Grosso’s controversial style has gotten him in trouble before. The streamer gained fame more through his feud with fellow streamer than his IRL live streams in Los Angeles. A recently uploaded video shows the moment police approached Grosso. Though the arrest happened to the side of the camera, the conversation could still be heard.

Police approached the lounging men and called Grosso’s name. “Can I talk to you real quick,” an officer asked Grosso. The streamer gave the camera a baffled look, before ignoring the officer and looking back down at his phone. Another officer joined the first and immediately began pulling Grosso’s arms behind his back.

“What did I do,” the streamer asked as officers cuffed him. “Relax,” the officer said. “You are being detained right now.”

The officer did not name a reason for Grosso’s arrest in the video, but YouTuber Jocelyn Wyoming may have an answer. In a video of Grosso’s arrest uploaded to her channel, Wyoming included a picture of what appeared to be Grosso’s police file. The document lists two prior citations for Grosso, including one for “assault intentional knowing – phys inj” from late February 2019.

Jocelyn Wyoming/YouTube

This is far from the first time Grosso has found himself in trouble with the law. His arrest in July made headlines, particularly after news came out that he had “$100,000 in warrants.” He has been detained for drinking in public, and once engaged in a fight with Ice Poseidon. He even filmed himself attempting to break into Ice Poseidon’s house.

Despite his constant run-ins with the law, Grosso has managed to avoid any real consequences. Every time police catch up to him, the streamer is back on the streets in no time. Whether it is influence, money or something else that keeps him out of trouble, Grosso seems to have the luck of the devil.

How his current arrest pans out will tell if that luck has run out.

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