Dont think you have to make inferior cake if you dont do it from scratch.

Using a cake box mix can turn out incredibly tasty if you add in a few extra tips. This literally can make it taste like a cake fresh from a bakery! You get the best of both worlds – totally simple to make, yet just as delicious as the real thing. Here are some awesome baking secrets that will have everything thinking that you must have spent a fortune on the cake! For instance, for chocolate cake mix you use steaming hot water, rather than typical warm, room temp water.

Using high heat water totally brings out the flavor in the cocoa powder. It makes a huge difference as the taste really comes through, translating into a much more delicious tasting cake. Next, you want to focus on texture. Box mixes can lack that fluffy, creamy aspect, so to remedy that you add a few extra egg yolks. Instead of oil to add to the mix, use butter which will totally increase the rich moistness to the cake. Granulated sugar can be used for layered cakes which will give you a perfect, evenly baked cake!

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