People are up in arms about the ‘Bake Off’ moving from the BBC to Channel 4.
Image: bbc/twitter/@mariainthelakes/mashable composite

LONDON You know how popular a TV show is when just the mere mention of it moving channel is enough to invoke instant, nationwide uproar.

On Tuesday morning, the news broke that much-loved British classic The Great British Bake Off was moving from the BBC (which has been its home since 2010) to Channel 4.

According to this BBC article, the production company (Love Productions) was unable to reach an agreement with the BBC on money, which prompted the move to Channel 4 (who, from the sounds of it, have offered more).

At this stage it’s unclear how a change in channel will affect the show, but we know already things won’t be exactly the same Channel 4 have advert breaks for, one.

Some people have taken the news pretty hard.

Others were less concerned.

Some, meanwhile, weren’t taking the whole thing too seriously.

Former Bake Off contestants had mixed reactions, too.

Oh, Bake Off. Look what you’ve done to us.

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