As Twitchy reported earlier, White House correspondent April Ryan got into it with Mike Huckabee after Ryan told CNN’s Don Lemon that Huckabee’s daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, should be fired, end of story.

The former governor chided Ryan on Twitter for inciting violence, seeing as she said, “you have to start … lopping the heads off.” Of course, Huckabee was just making the point that liberals are willing to excuse their own violent metaphors, but mere criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s words is considered incitement to violence … by Omar, most of all.

Seeing as we’ll be off tomorrow for Easter, we thought that one of Ryan’s tweets deserved another airing in the spirit of Christ’s resurrection and promise of eternal life:

Whoa … is Ryan some sort of subcontractor for God or is she just playing Magic Eight-Ball with Christian doctrine?

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She really did accuse Sanders of lying about baking a pie … which led Sanders to bake another and give it to the press corps as proof.

But yeah, we should all revel in her political correspondence and Christian teachings.


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