I’ve had my fair share of culinary mishaps over the years.

I’ve had strawberry Jell-O situations that went from sugary sweet to a scene from “Carrie” in two second flat. I’ve burned grilled cheese sandwiches and set off smoke alarms. Although I may not be a top chef, my shortcomings in the kitchen have never angered anyone enough to commit murder. While that might sound a bit outrageous, that’s exactly what happened one Pakistani girl.

A 12-year-old girl was brutally murdered in Pakistan by her own brother and father after she failed to bake bread properly.


Khalid Mehmood killed his daughter and abandoned her body outside the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, back in 2015.


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Mehmood tried to throw police off his trail by filing a false missing persons report for his daughter. She had previously gone missing once before while on a shopping trip with her father, so he thought it would work.


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However, Mehmood and his son confessed to the murders after police caught onto their horrific scheme.


The pair murdered the young girl after she failed to correctly prepare traditional chapati bread known as gol roti.


Initially, Mehmood was fined 500,000 rupees, but a judge recently sentenced the man to death now that Pakistan has cracked down on all murders that are akin to honor killings. The son is still awaiting sentencing.


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Violence toward women and girls in nations all over the world has reached critical mass, and this mind-boggling murder over a meal is a testament to that fact.

(via New York Post)

Fortunately, countries like Pakistan have finally taken steps to remedy the issue by holding people accountable.

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