You know what’s really cool? Rustic furniture. You know what’s not so cool? Rustic furniture with life-ruining, wallet-crushing price tags.

We’ve all been there, strolling through the aisles of Crate and Barrel wondering why everything hurts. The pieces are beautiful, and they’ll never make it into our living rooms because they cost all of the dollars.

Luckily for all of humankind, however, Redditor FromDustToGlory successfully flipped the script on all that nonsense by creating a stunning rustic table for less than it costs to get an oil change.

If you want to stick it to the interior design man by creating one of these beauties, here’s how it’s done!

Reddit / FromDustToGlory

First, she used a compound miter saw to cut all of the wood pieces she’d need to create the base (and she was kind enough to write out all of the measurements).

Next, she used a Kreg Mini Jig to connect them.

These pieces made up the sides of the X-frame base.

The longer two were just over 17 inches, and the shorter two were just under 14 inches. (You can check that handy size guide above for more details!)

Using the two longest remaining boards, she built the central support.

After that, she drilled two pocket holes in the side braces and fastened both base sections together.

The rest of the pieces were used to create supports for the concrete tabletop.

Mixing concrete might seem scary to the average crafter, but the blogger assures us that it’s not as hard as it looks!

The key is to get a big ol’ bucket and combine water and concrete in small amounts until the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Once that was done, she cut aluminum flashing into an 88-inch piece and formed it into a circle. That served as the mold. All she had to do from there was pour in the concrete and smooth the top!

Before it began to harden, she placed her base in the concrete and used a level on each leg to make sure everything was even. All she could do from there was play the waiting game.

And the waiting game lasted about three days. In the meantime, she stained the base to give it a polished, expensive look. Last but not least, she unwrapped the flashing and revealed this stunning piece!

Seriously. How amazing is that?

I don’t have any DIY skills to speak of, but I really might try this. Mama needs a new end table! If you’d like to join me, check out the talented crafter’s original post for more details.

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