Have you ever tried to buy a gift for the man in your life only to discover that all the internet can recommend is knives? This is not that gift guide. 

This gift guide takes an expansive view of masculinity, one that tries not to place your dad in the dreaded Man Box. This masculinity is cultivated. Worldly. Not entirely reliant on tools or sharp things. 

When shopping for your dad, try to think outside the standard Dad Gifts. Unless your dad is an avid tie collector and seriously *lives* for ties (who lives for ties?) then avoid this played out cliché. Instead, get him something that says “I see your hobbies and I respect them.” 

A lot of dad gifts are focused on work work work, and really, is that what you want to get your dad? More work? What kind of 1950s nonsense is that, anyway? Might we suggest a super cool gadget instead? When considering tech items for your Dad, don’t just assume he knows how to work everything because he’s a dad and dads seem to know stuff. Take the time to set up his new-fangled thingamajig with him (not for him!) so he knows exactly how it works. See? You’re off to a great start already.

Here are the best gifts for your dad:

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