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Mashable’s latest #BizChats Twitter chat discussed how to switch careers and pursue dormant skills that you’ve never tapped into before.

Over the course of an hour, our career experts covered an array of questions ranging from how to cope with career anxiety when contemplating a potential career switch, to the best apps, tools, and tests that will help with self-discovery.

Several experts took part in the conversation including: Adam Smiley Poswolsky, millennial career expert, author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough; Jenny Blake, career and business coach, author of PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One (Sept. 2016); Marc Miller, career pivot expert, author of Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers; Miriam Salpeter, social media strategist for entrepreneurs & job seekers, author of:Write & Speak Like a Professional in 20 Minutes a Day; and Ryan Rhoten, business leader, product manager, and host of The BRAND New You podcast.

Check out highlights from the chat in the Storify below.

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#BizChats: How to professionally pivot your career

Mashable discussed how to successfully switch careers minus the fear and anxiety.

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I think we can collectively agree that there’s nothing more debilitating than feeling stuck in a job that no longer fuels your passion or desires. The average white-collar worker may not have the time, or money to go back to school to pursue a completely different career path, and too often chalk up their predicament as the status quo.

Unsurprisingly, fear, uncertainty, and worry prevent many professionals from testing the waters and pivoting their career in a role that can highlight a natural set of skills they never even realized were there to begin with. The grass could be greener on the other side, but how will you ever know if you don’t power through the storm and pivot around the fence?

@mashbusines and several career pivot experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how professionals can pivot their way to a career they enjoy.

Welcome to #BizChats! Today were discussing how to professionally pivot your career. Please introduce yourselves!Mashable Business
A warm welcome to our career experts: @CareerPivot, @jenny_blake, @Keppie_Careers, @RyanRhoten, & @whatsupsmiley! #BizChatsMashable Business
#BizChats tip #1: Be sure to number your answers according to the question you’re answering. (ie., Q1.> A1., Q2. > A2., Q3. > A3.)Mashable Business
One more minute until Q1.Mashable Business
Question 1:
Q1. What are the pros and cons behind pivoting your career? #BizChatsMashable Business
A1) Change is constant; pivot is a mindset that keeps us agile, whether making changes big or small. #BizChats @mashbusinessJenny Blake
A1 Careers are no longer static. You must be vigilant and prepared for industry shifts. Always be ready to pivot! #bizchatsMarc Miller
A1) Pros: Pivoting is about planning whats next by doubling-down on what is *already* working, not starting from scratch. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A1. Pros: Success in this job market belongs to those who embrace flexibility, experimentation, learning, and risk-taking. #BizChatsSmiley
A1) Cons: Most pivots involve saying no to something. As John Maxwell said, Say no to the good so you can say yes to the great. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A1. Pros: New career, excitement, passion, wanting to get out of bed first thing in the morning. Cons: probable hit on salary #BizChatsBryce Barrows
@mashbusiness A1 when you identify a certain niche that can be met in a different sector and your skill set can cater for that #BizChatsShadow Drifter
A1. Con = risks. Pro = development, knowledge, and overall personal growth no matter what happens. #BizChats https://t.co/Oo1nSpOczYDiana Kolesarova
A1 There are no cons to pivoting your career. Careers are continuing changing and you need to pivot with the changes #bizchatsMarc Miller
A1. Cons: Don’t pivot too soon. Pivot with intention. Make a strategic pivot based on your purpose and gifts. #BizChatsSmiley
A1. The only constant in business is change. We need to be ready to change with it. Can’t stay static. #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A1:Pros: you become more marketable and your network will increase #BizChatsBrittani L. Hunter
A1 Pros: use new skills, grow your network, try new things, may change your career trajectory/life! #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
@mashbusiness A1) Missed opportunities! But also, be wary of “grass is always greener” syndrome. #BizChatsHeadway
A1 Pros – peace, happiness, passion, income. Cons – temporary losses due to learning curves & new market penetration #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A1 Pros: changing jobs considered a positive by many employers; they assume youre able to learn/take on new things #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
@mashbusiness A1:Change is constant so there’s never anything wrong w/ pivoting your career but don’t burn bridges in the process #BizChatsJamie Green
@mashbusiness A1. Pro you’re always looking ahead and aware of how to adapt to changing circumstances. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A1. Pro: dare to dream. Con: not taking proper due diligence. #BizChats https://t.co/4ngz1EQrRISummer Martin
A1 We don’t sail through life in straight lines. Pivoting gets you back on track toward your purpose #bizchatsDavid Perks
Question 2:
Q2. What are ways to cope with career anxiety when contemplating a potential pivot? #BizChatsMashable Business
A2) Start from a base of your existing strengths: skills, experiences, what you most enjoy. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A2. Focus on what you are gaining not what you are leaving behind. #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A2) Dont worry yet about “The Whole How focus on what your ideal state is one year from now first, then small experiments. #BizChatsJenny Blake
@mashbusiness A2. Be sure you consider all the options. Don’t be hasty. Ask for advice. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A2. Think of fear as a guiding force. If youre scared of making a pivot that excites you, it’s the move you need to make. #BizChatsSmiley
A2. Think of fear as a guiding force. If youre scared of making a pivot that excites you, it’s the move you need to make. #BizChatsSmiley
@mashbusiness A2 Make it about growth, will the change grow you career wise or what is leading you to the pivot, know the reason #BizChatsShadow Drifter
A2 Seems “don’t rush, weigh options, make a thoughtful choice” are all popular ways to avoid anxiety in planning a career pivot. #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A2. Make sure the new role is aligned with your strengths and headed where you want to go #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A2) Recognize that you are not starting from scratch when pivoting your career. Youre shifting from an existing base of skills. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A2. The average person (of any age) is leaving their job every 3-5 years. Were a job market of pivoters, so you are not alone! #BizChatsSmiley
A2: Prepare! Dont jump blindly. Tap your network and talk to people. Help ensure you make the right career moves #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A2 Pivoting start with – Know thy self! #bizchatsMarc Miller
@mashbusiness A2) Make a T-chart with pros/cons! Seeing the differences in black&white is crucial to making an informed decision. #BizChatsHeadway
@mashbusiness A2. Be sure you consider all the options. Don’t be hasty. Ask for advice. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A2. Reinforce ur passions, skills, & strengths – link with projects & talk to the people u trust & know. #BizChats https://t.co/1kTMIoUOfdDiana Kolesarova
A2: By displaying astuteness in connecting the dots from past to present to future in one’s career profile #BizChats https://t.co/Pi2SEDIIIVSG
A2. Get help from others who have done it before you. Most of all face your fear and just take that first step. #BizChatsBryce Barrows
A2. Also make a plan. What you want to do, by when, and what you need to get there. “Outer order created inner calm.” #BizChatsAllison Jones
Question 3:
Q3. What key questions should you be asking before deciding to make a career pivot? #BizChatsMashable Business
A3) What is most important to me? What am I insanely curious about? What would I love to learn in the next year? #BizChatsJenny Blake
A3: Ask yourself before you change careers/jobs: Am I familiar with the desired role and how it works in the targeted company? #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3. Is there opportunity for growth (inner & upward)? Do the pros outweigh the cons? #BizChats https://t.co/fdEvupr2trProteus Technologies
@mashbusiness A3 What is the driving force to pivot? What opportunities are ahead of me if I pivot? Is it necessary? #BizChatsShadow Drifter
A3. Why do you want to make the change? How will it impact your life? Why not? #BizChats https://t.co/eAsErdJICcSummer Martin
A3. Does this new role align with my values, my ideal culture, does it make me want to get up in the morning to go to work. #BizchatsRyan Rhoten
A3: So important to ask, “Am I going to something or running from a bad boss/situation?” Be sure you have a plan and a strategy. #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3 What motivates you? Does anyone else know what motivates you? Check this out > https://t.co/eHaeJ2s9so #bizchatsMarc Miller
A3. What is the investment I want to make? Where will I be in 1 year due to this investment? #BizChats https://t.co/l6JdQdeT2dDiana Kolesarova
A3. Why am I making this move? Is it something that I will enjoy doing? Is this one of my core strengths, my passion? #BizChatsBryce Barrows
A3: What opportunities and challenges have gotten the best and worst of me in the past? #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3: What are my strengths and weaknesses as they relate to work? #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3. Will I jump out of bed every morning looking forward to be at work? #BizChatsBryce Barrows
What is the definition of meaningful work youre striving for in your next opportunity? #BizChats https://t.co/2kCYaQjDyISmiley
A3: If there are family considerations, ask yourself: “Have I talked to everyone who would be affected? Get everyone on board! #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3: will it affect my finances, my work-life balance, and will it require additional education #BizChatsBrittani L. Hunter
@mashbusiness what does the ideal work environment look like?For those of in the 2nd half of life this is done via reflection #bizchatsMarc Miller
A3: Be realistic. Ask yourself: “Can I afford this change? How will this impact my future? Are there family considerations?” #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A3 WHY do you want to pivot? Is it for the RIGHT reasons? #BizChatsChaim Shapiro
Question 4:
Q4. What are the biggest mistakes professionals make when pivoting their career? #BizChatsMashable Business
A4) A strong career experiment (or 10-20% project) should test Three Es: Enjoyment, Expertise, and Expansion. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A4 Wow momma .. Assumptions! Do not assume anything! Read this post on assumptions and your career https://t.co/EvY5wTGgVZ #bizchatsMarc Miller
A4. People forget to ask themselves: what skills have I mastered in my current position that are leverage for my next role? #BizChatsSmiley
.@mashbusiness A4) One of the biggest pivot pitfalls is not leveraging ones *existing* strengthsskills, job experiences, network #BizChatsJenny Blake
@mashbusiness A4 Entering into a sector deemed as more profitable to them yet they don’t have the necessary information on it #BizChatsShadow Drifter
@mashbusiness A4) They think that their new career will be without new challenges and adversity. It’s not all a bowl of cherries! #BizChatsHeadway
.@mashbusiness A4) Focus on small career experiments first that help test the waters of a new direction. Think 10-20% projects #BizChatsJenny Blake
A4. Thinking a lateral move to another company is a pivot. @mashbusiness #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A3: Have you considered the question: “Would I be better off starting a freelance career?” https://t.co/wfE5Zjpm0w #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
@mashbusiness A4 Pivoting because it’s worked for someone else, hence they expect it to work for them too. #BizChatsShadow Drifter
A4: Making the change b/c your boss tells you to instead of seeing what’s best for you #BizChats https://t.co/xnjcMmIug1Brittani L. Hunter
A4. Pivoting to a position not aligned to your strengths. This is will drain you not fulfill you @mashbusiness #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A4: Mistake: Don’t leap B4 you look. Conduct solid research. Use all tools at your disposal. Social media, in-person contacts. #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A4. People forget to #maketheask: are my current boss and coworkers potential allies who can help my pivot? #BizChatsSmiley
A4. Chasing money. Never chase money. #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
Question 5:
Q5. What are the first steps you should take when putting together a roadmap of your success? #BizChatsMashable Business
.@mashbusiness A5) Start by studying when you have felt most in the zone in the past. What tasks make time fly? #BizChatsJenny Blake
A5 Step 1 make an honest assessment of your skills, qualifications & resources. Be honest. The starting point determines the path. #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A5. Find a mentor who has already reached the destination you want to reach #BizChatsJacob Share
A5) Dont just focus on the projects you completed; connect them to results and the impact those results had on the business. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A5. Become more self-aware. Understand what makes you tick. Know what you do well and what you don’t do so well. @mashbusiness #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
@mashbusiness A5 Identify the opportunities. Find out the skill sest needed to achieve them. Then see how to combine the two #BizChatsShadow Drifter
@mashbusiness A5) It requires serious reflection. Look as far as possible into the future and ask, “Can I make this work?” #BizChatsHeadway
@mashbusiness A5. Ask yourself what you want. Then take steps to achieve it. Do your research. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
.@mashbusiness Go for inner success metrics! When have you felt most alive? What are the accomplishments you are proudest of? #BizChatsJenny Blake
A5. Begin with the end in mind. How do you define ‘success’? Then, think about how you’ll get there. #BizChatsScotty McScottface
A5: Screw knowing the answers, instead start asking the right questions. Why are you here? Who do you want to serve? #BizChatsSmiley
Success! MT @KeikiBikini A5: 1. Be mindful 2. Define your personal meaning of “success”3. Don’t compare your journey 2 any1 else’s #BizChatsMarc Miller
Question 6:
Q6. What are the best methods to develop your skills when preparing for a career pivot? #BizChatsMashable Business
A6) Even better? Set-up accountability with friends or join a private online community for support. #BizChats @mashbusinessJenny Blake
@mashbusiness A6. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t stop learning. Finding opportunities to utilize them. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A6) There are tons of online learning platforms. Pick a topic that really interests you, and block off time on your calendar. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A6 – Understand your talents and then develop skills that take advantage of them. Read this post https://t.co/q5WEa1Jjpz #bizchatsMarc Miller
A6: To hell with passion, focus on persistence. Practice, practice, practice. #BizChatsSmiley
A6 Best method is to start before you pivot. Continuing Ed, Online, Conferences, based on learning style #BizChats https://t.co/dQdTr1GXdzJoynicole Martinez
A6: Focus on mastery. As one of my favorite authors, Cal Newport, reminds us, Become so good they cant ignore you. #BizChatsSmiley
A6. Volunteering, apprenticeships, online courses @mashbusiness #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A6. Read books and articles. Network with ppl who already have the skillset. Join groups where your skill can be practiced. #BizChatsBryce Barrows
A6 Seeking info or expertise from those who’ve done it before. Seeing what more you can do for yourself #BizChats https://t.co/1gNZNH9gjrShadow Drifter
A6: Leverage all of the great online tools at your disposal! https://t.co/iS5JXRoeBc, Khan Academy, etc. https://t.co/9VUFP97yWs #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A6: research. you are becoming a student again. Remember knowledge is power. Find a great mentor (which I find most complicated) #BizChatsk.
A6: Find a mentor & get frequent feedback aligned to the skills you want to build for the most rapid #selfimprovement #bizchatsDavid Perks
A6. Put them to use and work on side projects using the skills you have, then build a portfolio. #BizChats https://t.co/Z8UyBC9mbBDiana Kolesarova
A6. If you are a premium LinkedIn user @lynda is now included. Find the right course and take it. #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A6. Use every opportunity possible to develop your newly learned skills. Understand that it will not be easy. @mashbusinessArthur
Question 7:
Q7. What apps, online tools, & tests do you recommend to help with self-discovery? #BizChatsMashable Business
A7. “What Motivates Me?” which has a great assessment and resources for reflection, job crafting, and searching. #BizChatsAllison Jones
.@mashbusiness A7) Check out the Pivotability Index to test your PivotIQ (note: still in early beta!): https://t.co/0Z8nwYg03t #BizChatsJenny Blake
A7: Who cares if youre an ENTJ or Bugs Bunny? Take out your journal and ask yourself: why are you really here? #BizChatsSmiley
A7 – I am a huge fan of the Birkman – though complicated it is the most comprehensive https://t.co/hru63iRM2q #bizchatsMarc Miller
A7 You can use job descriptions to gauge your skills. Match your skills with their needs. Do you have everything they want? #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
@mashbusiness a7:Myers Briggs and strengthsfinder #BizChatsBlake Boe
A7. Assessment – @StrengthsFinder @HowToFascinate #MotivatorsAssessment @StandOutTMBC @mashbusiness #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
@mashbusiness A6. @ingoodco, @LinkedIn, @Glassdoor to name a few. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A7) I love the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath, and Stand Out by Marcus Buckingham. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A7 I am a fan of twice a year process of career reflection https://t.co/f8RmQ0PGD4 #bizchatsMarc Miller
A7) I have also created a bunch of free templates for this in the Pivot Toolkit; check out https://t.co/G6CxLbE9IL #BizChats @mashbusinessJenny Blake
A7. The @fiveminutejour app and The Five Minute Journal book. #BizChats https://t.co/31JJzSGH9Q https://t.co/nddetGbZeIDiana Kolesarova
A7: Check out my helpful list of career resources, books, job sites, and purpose-driven networks + communities: https://t.co/Qw5IvxYwf8Smiley
Question 8:
Q8. What final tips do you have for professionally pivoting your career? #BizChatsMashable Business
A8: The career ladder is dead. Each pivot is an opportunity to learn and get closer to your purpose. #BizChats #quarterlifebreakthroughSmiley
A8 – You will not do this alone. Surround yourself with people who can and will help. #bizchatsMarc Miller
@mashbusiness A8. Never give up on achieving something you want. Embrace the uncertainty. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A8. If you’re thinking about it, then do it. Everything happens for a reason & learn from every experience #BizChats https://t.co/RMPaMOV8E7Diana Kolesarova
A8: Be selfish when it comes to your career pivot – do what makes sense for your goals and values #bizchats https://t.co/xCp6Svvzo2Brittani L. Hunter
A8 Remember the proverb “playing it safe is the new risky” okay maybe it is not a proverb but it sounds good! #bizchatsMarc Miller
A8) Dont take your pivot personally, as something wrong w/you. Plateaus are a good thing! A signal youre ready for something new #BizChatsJenny Blake
A8 Don’t settle for mediocrity, if your current position isn’t growing you as a person then change is key #BizChats https://t.co/IGd5hO9PGnShadow Drifter
A8: Don’t be scared to take a risk and get out of your comfort zone. #bizchats https://t.co/xCp6Svvzo2Brittani L. Hunter
A8: Plan, plan, plan. Use all resources at your disposal to collect information & make a researched choice. #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
@mashbusiness A8) Take the grandiose step you know to take but fear. It will make the difference between you and those going the same way.Chrs arvl
A8 @mashbusiness I think @Nike got it right, and Apple got it right – Just Do It and Think Different #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A8. Don’t let money be the driver. Focus on what you have always wanted to do + leverage your strengths #BizChatsBryce Barrows
A8: Community = everything. If you surround yourself with believers, your pivot will be a success. #BizChats #quarterlifebreakthroughSmiley
.@mashbusiness A8) Embrace fear, insecurity and uncertainty as the doorways of opportunity that they are. #BizChatsJenny Blake
A8 – Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! Speak up & be your own ally! #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
A8. Pivots provide us with the opportunitiy to reinvigorate our mindsets and our careers #BizChatsRyan Rhoten
A8 – Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! Speak up & be your own ally! #BizChatsMiriam Salpeter
Closing Comments:
Thank you for joining todays #BizChats! Mashable Business
@mashbusiness Thank you so much for having us! And to everyone here in today’s #BizChats on pivoting for all the awesome conversation 🙂 Jenny Blake
Huge thanks to @mashbusiness & everyone who participated in #BizChats. Going to use all the tips in my own pivot. https://t.co/Y7fxcOLF4DDiana Kolesarova
It was a pleasure to participate with this great group! #BizChats https://t.co/jwynPB7tMpMiriam Salpeter
This was fun! @mashbusiness @jenny_blake @Keppie_Careers @RyanRhoten @whatsupsmiley #bizchatsMarc Miller
#BizChats so helpful, I have never experienced a Twitter chat where I genuinely want to start taking notes thanks to all contributors!thelifedegree
@mashbusiness Thanks for having me. Loved it. #BizChatsRyan Rhoten

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