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Nobody can predict the future, but you can take steps to ensure your business’success down the road.

Business development is a cornerstone of long-term growth planning, and it’s nevertoo early to start. Whether you’re taking on partnership deals or expanding into newmarkets, business development is how your company graduates from being “just astartup.”

Check out the videos below to learn how other entrepreneurs approach businessdevelopment, and get inspired for your own ventures.

Taking customer feedback

Identify your strengths and weaknesses by seeking out customer feedback.

Prepping for sale

Keep your records and contracts organized so you can quickly navigate the sale of your business.

Experimenting with product licensing

You can grow your brand’s reach and visibility by licensing your products to partners in different markets.

Listening to customer feedback

Break out of your personal vacuum and make sure your product is pleasing the customer.

Utilizing data in development

You can make precise and strategic business decisions by studying available data.

Creating a network

Go out and meet other business owners you can learn a lot and forge helpful relationships.

Landing the big fish

Nothing will help your business grow like inking a massive deal. Don’t be afraid to aim high.

Keeping an open mind

Growing your business is about taking learning opportunities in stride, and endlessly pursuing knowledge.

Expanding your skill set

You can’t always rely on a partner or vendor to help develop your business. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands.

Knowing when to partner

Not all partnership opportunities will fit your brand. Don’t be afraid to be picky.

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