Ive been covering Station F for quite a few months already, but the startup campus based in Paris has yet to open. The team had to delay the launch after a pipe burst that inundated the basement. The opening date has now moved from April to the end of June, with startups moving in during the first week of July.

The building is already looking quite nice as I was there last week. While Im sure theres a ton of work remaining to replace the electrical infrastructure and set up the server rooms in the basement, those extra few weeks mean that the building should be super ready for the opening date at the end of June.

Station F is going to be the worlds biggest startup campus. Backed by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza, they say that 1,000startups are going to work in this huge building.

Some startups are going to participate in the Founders Program and pay around 195 per desk per month. But the vast majority are going to move there thanks to a partner. Facebook, Vente-Prive, Zendesk and a dozen other tech companies are going to rent a tiny chunk of the building and give it back to young startups.

There will be a few VC firms, lawyers, accountants, a post office and restaurants. The idea is that Station F is putting everything you need in the same space so you dont ever have to leave the building. This way, you can focus on your startup.

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