Got a fashionista on your holiday list? Here's a gift they definitely don't have yet.
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We weren’t exactly shocked to see that Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale on Echo devices is to die for — but we were kind of shook over Amazon’s most recent (and possibly most futuristic) Echo device, the Echo Look, being on Cyber Monday sale for 75% off.


This is easily the biggest sale we’ve seen on it since its release to the public in June 2018 — but more importantly, when have you ever seen Amazon put an Echo device at 75% off? Amazon is seriously playing Godfather with an offer we can’t refuse.

The Look is an Alexa-enabled virtual style assistant that uses artificial intelligence to judge your outfits and give clothing suggestions, which is pretty groundbreaking — even for the creators of Alexa. The hands-free camera can sit on a flat surface or be mounted to a wall to take head-to-toe and 360-degree photos, which it uses to compare outfits with the Style Check feature, telling you which outfit looks better on you based on machine learning and advice from fashion experts.

Image: amazon

It’s like constantly having that honest friend around to tell you when your outfit looks bad, which is any fashionista’s dream — and also probably handy for socks and sandals people. If nothing else, you’ll always have someone to take your outfit pictures for Instagram.

The Look also saves the pictures you’ve taken to generate a lookbook, suggests new items to pair with what it knows is already in your closet, and can even base advice on color or season. (Watch the Look choose a dress for one Mashable employee to wear to a wedding here.)

Regularly $199.99, you can save an insane $150 and grab the Echo Look for just $49.99.

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