The Autumn Equinox is on Sept. 22, one of two days in the year that day and night are of completely equal lengths. That balance is struck at the same time that the Sun enters Libra, the sign that is obsessed with balance and harmony. But will the equinox actually be harmonious this month? We’re about to find out, as we look at your general autumnal equinox horoscope for 2017. In order to determine general horoscopes, we look at what’s known as the personal planets: Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars. These planets all have dominion over different areas of life, and if they’re in harmony with one another (determined by their angles to one another in the sky), the potential for a good time is significantly better than if they aren’t.

That said, the purpose of astrology isn’t to study the planets so we can cower in fear; it’s to work with their energy so we can use them toward their and our own highest potential. So, like cosmic dentists, let’s have a look inside the universal mouth of the beast (the sky) and see what we can find. Also, I just got out of an appointment for a cavity filling.

New Moon, New You

While the new moon is actually occurring right before the autumn equinox on Sept. 20, it has to be said that the energy we get from it will still be fresh AF. New moons are a time to really go after what we want, to set our intentions for the next six-month period, or to adjust our intentions and refocus on our goals in a new way. This new moon will be in Virgo, and in the spirit of working with that sign, we would do well to formulate day-to-day goals in support of our overall ambition.

Following the new moon, the moon is in its waxing crescent phase as it grows toward fullness. At the time of the equinox, it’ll be in the sign of Scorpio, which means emotions will be running deep, and we might be prone to acting out of our subconscious beliefs before we know what’s happened.

This is a time to feel your intention, and the best way to do that is to take active steps to carry it out. Make a to-do list on the New Moon in Virgo (Virgos love lists) and when the autumn equinox comes, take some time that day to carry out your plans. You’ll be starting off the fall months in a “get sh*t done” kind of way.

Sun in Libra

With the sun moving into Libra, you’ll be focusing on your partnerships as a mirror of yourself. Look around you. Are you happy with the relationships in your life? Do you feel that the people you surround yourself with are examples of who you’d like to be? If not, now is a good time to let those relationships go, and to get out and socialize with the kinds of people you know you want to be around. The people who raise your vibration and encourage you to better yourself in the ways that you want.

Libra is an incredibly social sign, and having the sun (which rules over personality, appearance, and our personal goals) will guarantee you plenty of chances to go out and mingle with the kinds of people you want to be with — and plenty of chances to stay stuck with the ones you don’t. The choice is ultimately up to you.

Mars in Virgo

Mars in the horoscope is an indicator of the kinds of desires you’ll be focused on, and when it’s in the sign of Virgo, that could mean you’ll be focusing on improving the day-to-day details of life, or at least trying to organize a system to make them more manageable.

You could find yourself drawn to people who seem to “just have it together” more than people who are recklessly spontaneous and fun. The focus now is on creating stability, not adventure.

Venus in Virgo

This is a time when we express our affection for others in practical, service-oriented ways. If you know someone with an interest in cooking, you might spontaneously send them a link to a free cooking class; it’s a small gesture, but it’s a thoughtful one.

These are the ways that Virgo shows love, and when the planet of love is in this sign, we all take on this thoughtful, helpful quality in our relationships at home and at work.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo quickens our thought process and clears our minds of any emotional baggage so that we can gather the facts and make decisions based on practical application. It can lead to us being a little hard on ourselves, and on others, when we feel that things aren’t be handled the way that they should be, or when we miss details and turn in sloppy work, or miss a deadline, or are slow to understand something. Be wary of a desire to bite off more than you can chew at work, because creating a healthy work-life balance is one of the challenges of this planetary position.

Overall, the equinox is a time for clearing, for harvesting, and for planting the necessary seeds for a smooth transition into the winter months.

As far as astrology is concerned, it seems as though all the planets on this particular day are ideally suited for these kinds of activities. Keep your nose to the grindstone and lay the foundations necessary for a smooth transition into winter. The planets are on your side.

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