Well before Donald Trump won his bid to be the president of the United States, he established himself as the Troll Kingof Twitter. And it looks like his years of tweeting insults, conspiracy theoriesand excessive displays of narcissismearned him some recognition on the social media site.

On Wednesday, the Twitterverse noticed that when you search for asshole on Twitter, none other than Donald Trump shows up first in the results.

The same happened with several other words, including fascist, racist and bigot.

Twitter users also noticed that certain keywords brought up other high-profile politicians. For example, searching for leader led to former President Barack Obamas profile and corrupt pulled up Hillary Clintons profile.

The Huffington Post tested the search feature Wednesday evening and, alas, we also pulled Trumps profile when searching for asshole and racist.

But the search feature mysteriously stopped pulling up the same results later in the evening.

Screenshot Taken by HuffPost on Wednesday at 9:39 p.m EST.

A Twitter search for “asshole” pulled up Donald Trump’s profile at 9:39 p.m EST Wednesday.

Screenshot taken by HuffPost on Wednesday at 10:21 p.m. EST.

By 10:21 p.m. EST, a Twitter search for “asshole” pulled up zero profiles.

Twitter did not respond to The Huffington Posts request for comment on the keyword asshole bringing up Trumps profile and the change in later search results.

However, the search results may be a product of Twitters algorithms, whichrecognize certain keywords that are often mentioned togetherin tweets for example, Donald Trump is an asshole. The search then pulls up relevant profiles or tweets that have been associated with that specific search term. (See a rundown of Twitters search feature here.)

A persons behaviour on Twitter provides an invaluable source of relevance information, Lisa Huang, Twitter senior software engineer, explained in a December blog post.

Using this information, we can train machine learning models that predict how likely a Tweet is to be engaged with (Retweets, likes and replies). We can then use these models as scoring functions for ranking by treating the probability of engagement as a surrogate for the relevance of Tweets.

Still,the search results for asshole ceased pulling up Trumps Twitter profile after word of the trick went viral, perhaps because it violated Twitters search rules.

Screenshot from the “search rules and restrictions” section on Twitter’s Support website. 

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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