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Are you partial to Hefe but hate Moon? If you get fed up of swiping past endless Instagram filters in order to select the one you want, we can help.

There’s an easy way to hide the Instagram filters you don’t use and rearrange the ones you do like into an order that suits you.

Read on for our simple how-to and get set to tweak your app to streamline your future Instagram experience.

Manage your filters

Once you’ve launched Insta and snapped a pic, shot a video or selected either from your phone’s media gallery, hit the Next option at the top right.

Now, swipe right across the filter options at the bottom of your display all the way to the end until you see the Manage option.

Tap on Manage and you’ll access your customization options for filters. You can uncheck the circle to the right of a filter to disable it and hide it from the filter options scroll-through menu.

You can also scroll down the list to see further filters you might like to add. To add a filter, simply check the circle.

To reorder how your Instagram filters appear, simply touch the filter you want to move, then drag it with your finger to place it where you want it.

Now hit Done at the top right of your screen to return to your image and newly organized filter options.

If you change your mind, you can now reinstate, remove or reorder Instagram filters at any point by heading back into the Manage menu via the method described above.

Screencaps: Instagram, captured by Amy-Mae Turner

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