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Cara Delevingne Just Revealed That Victoria Beckham Asked Her To Stop Talking About A Spice Girls Reunion When She “Pestered” Her About It At Glastonbury

Cara Delevingne Shares Her Glastonbury Experience

So, guess what? Cara Delevingne just spilled some tea about her time at Glastonbury. She revealed that she had a funny little moment with none other than Victoria Beckham. Yep, Posh Spice herself!

The Spice Girls Reunion Chat

While enjoying the festival, Cara couldn’t help but pester Victoria about a possible Spice Girls reunion. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the iconic girl group back together, right? But Victoria had to ask Cara to tone it down a bit. She politely told her to stop talking about the reunion. Oops!

Fan Moments and Fun Times

Cara was clearly having a blast at Glastonbury. She even mentioned how she got to see Bruce Springsteen perform. Talk about an epic music festival experience! It seems like she was living her best life, mingling with fellow celebs and enjoying the vibes.

So, while we may not have any new updates on a Spice Girls reunion, it’s always fun to hear about these behind-the-scenes moments. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see them back on stage. For now, we’ll just have to keep dreaming!

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