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This ’00s Trivia Test Is Soooo Hard, I Seriously Doubt You’ll Be Able To Pass

Think You Know the 2000s? Take This Trivia Test!

The 2000s were a wild ride, packed with iconic moments and unforgettable trends. But how well do you really remember this decade? We’ve put together a trivia test that will challenge even the most dedicated 2000s enthusiasts. Ready to see if you can pass?

Question 1: TV Shows

What was the name of the high school in “Lizzie McGuire”?

A) Hillridge Junior High

B) Bayside High

C) West Beverly High

D) Degrassi Community School

Question 2: Music

Which artist released the hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” in 2006?

A) Beyoncé

B) Shakira

C) Rihanna

D) Britney Spears

Question 3: Movies

In “Mean Girls,” what day do the Plastics wear pink?

A) Monday

B) Tuesday

C) Wednesday

D) Friday

Question 4: Fashion

Which accessory became a massive trend thanks to Paris Hilton?

A) Choker necklaces

B) Trucker hats

C) Butterfly clips

D) Friendship bracelets

Question 5: Technology

What year was the first iPhone released?

A) 2005

B) 2006

C) 2007

D) 2008

If you think you nailed these questions, great job! If not, don’t worry—there’s always time to brush up on your 2000s knowledge. Keep visiting The How-To Zone for more fun quizzes and nostalgia trips!

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