Were four days into the launch of Snapchat Spectacles and the hypehas shown no signs of letting up.

Snapchat has deployed its vending machine Bot in two different locations so far Venice Beachin Los Angeles and a small bakery in Big Sur, California. Both locations were announced at 7AM local time, at which point it was a mad rush to get in line hundredsof people drove to Big Sur as soon as Snapchat announced the location on their website.

Anyways, Snapchats 24-hour counter has started again, this time counting down to tomorrow morning at 5am PT (which is 7am CT and 8am ET).

Here at TechCrunch weve been trying to figure out where it will go next (my guess is Texas),and decided to do a quick contest so all of you could guess along with us.

Hereare the rules:

Post your guess in the form below. You shouldbe as specific as possible for example, if someone guesses Houston Street in SoHo and thats where the Bot shows up, they would obviously win over someonewho just guessed NYC.If theres a tie well randomize everyone who guessed correctly to pick a winner.

So what are the prizes you ask?

Unfortunately Spectacles themselves are impossible to get and currently retailing on secondary markets for the price of a small car. So we cant give you those. But we will give you TechCrunch swag like a T-shirt, water bottle, stickers and other surprises!

If youre lucky well even throw in some plasticsunglasses from startups that weve amassed in the office over the years, so you can at least pretend youre wearing Spectacles.

The surveyis embedded below, and you can also access it here. The contest will end at 7am CT tomorrow (November 15th), which is when Snapchat will reveal the location on their website.

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