Spain has some fantastic TV shows covering all genres, from thrillers to period pieces. If you’re learning Spanish or want to keep your skills refreshed, or perhaps you are Spanish and are missing home, there are some great ways to watch Spanish TV shows in the UK. In fact, they are quite accessible through a number of different streaming sites, and available to watch on TV too. Although some shows can be watched live, streaming sites are your best bet, and they’re more convenient too. Take a look at some of the options below if you’re looking for Spanish shows to watch.


Netflix is a popular streaming option for TV and films of all types. As well as English-language shows, you can find plenty in Spanish on the site too. Spanish Netflix shows include teen mystery drama Elite, period pieces like Cable Girls and Grand Hotel, and even sci-fi shows such as El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). As well as shows from Spain, there are shows from other Spanish-speaking countries, such as Narcos and House of Flowers. Netflix shows are often uploaded as an entire series, so you can binge them all at once. You can use UK Air Dates to stay up to date with when a new Spanish series will be released on Netflix (as well as on other TV streaming services).

Channel 4 – Walter Presents

Channel 4’s Walter Presents series features thrilling TV from around the world. They are shown on live TV, and you can watch them on their catch-up service online at Many of the shows are in other languages, but there are several in Spanish. They include the prison thriller Locked Up and Barcelona-set Night and Day. You can also discover dramas set in Argentina and Mexico.

While not all TV websites in other countries allow watching outside of that country, some do. One except is the Spanish channel RTVE and their young adult brand Playz, which allows people in the UK to watch the shows on their website. However, the important thing to note here is that there are no English subtitles, although you can watch with Spanish subtitles on some videos. It’s a good choice if you want to practise your Spanish skills.


YouTube also offers Spanish TV shows, especially those designed for teenagers and young adults and shown in short clips or episodes. The previously mentioned Playz has a channel with their shows and Movistar+ is another good choice, particularly for young adult shows. You will sometimes find that these shows have English subtitles, especially if they have a wider international audience. For example, the teen drama Skam España on Moviestar+, which is adapted from a popular Norwegian drama, has English subtitles available.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another popular streaming site, which also has some Spanish-language programming, although not as much as Netflix. The documentary Field of Stars is about Real Madrid players, while Diablo Guardian and An Unknown Enemy are also in Spanish, although they are not set in Spain.

There are lots of places to watch Spanish TV in the UK, and some streaming sites even have movies available too.