We all know that being a parent is tough business and it’s made tougher by the fact that complaining about it is taboo.

Parents face a lot of pressure to be perfect and to never show when they’re upset or frustrated with the direction their life is going. People often think that parents who don’t absolutely love their jobs as caretakers don’t love their children, but some parents are speaking out about their experiences online where they fear less judgment.

These parents say they love their kids, but being a parent has taken its toll.

1. “I love them but I hate being a parent. It’s dull, it’s relentless, it’s worrying, it’s thankless, it’s demanding, it’s monotonous, it’s exhausting. I’d throw myself under a bus for them but being a parent has made me totally and utterly miserable.” – Throughautomaticdoors

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2. “The love I have for my kids is unending, unconditional, and indescribable. However, there is nothing I love about picking food up off the floor, being woken up, clearing up vomit, washing and ironing clothes, not going out cos you have no babysitter, housework, endless cooking etc etc…It’s sheer drudgery!” – formerbabe

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3. “I never get a minute to myself. As an introvert this is the hardest part. I see my friends going on exciting vacations, doing whatever they want to do. I can’t because kids are so expensive that we can’t afford to go anywhere. I haven’t slept past six in years. I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to live in.” – jerkstore13

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4. “I wasn’t ready to stop being selfish. I’m only two years in so it’s still the intense stage, but parenting so far has just been relentlessly exhausting. I feel like having a kid closed off a lot of possibilities for me, definitely killed any semblance of spontaneity in my life.” – camelican

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