The world’s most famous reality TV star is, apparently, “private.”

According to a clip obtained by

Apparently, the KUWTK star used to be more public than she is now (we guess…).

She told the actor:

“I used to… we’d get our hair and makeup done filming… and when we’d be done I was like, ‘What is the hottest restaurant in Hollywood? Where can I go? Where can I be seen? Who’s there? What are they doing? Oh my God! Is my car washed?”‘

To which Baldwin asked:

“To feed the machine?”

Kimmy responded:

“Yeah and now, I’d say most of… it started with Kanye, because he lived a more… his work life is very public but then when he was off, he was very private… And I was so… everything had to be public for me back then.”

Nowadays, the mother-of-three cherishes any moment where she is NOT chased by the paparazzi.

“Now it’s like, on my time off, I’m like, ‘Where are the locations that I could go eat, go on vacation where no one will see us?’… All I want is privacy, and I never thought I’d ever be to that point.”‘

Whatever you say, girl!

[Image via WENN.]

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