Regular dog training lessons cost over $300 — this course is under $100.
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Let’s state the obvious: We literally love our dogs more than we love most humans and wouldn’t trade them for anything. 

However, we can probably admit that some of our good boys and girls aren’t the best behaved — especially if they’re past that critical puppy training age or came from an abusive environment. But what are we gonna do? Send them back to the shelter or force them into behavior classes (that aren’t exactly cheap)? Hell no.

Before you give up and accept that you’ll have to deal with torn-up shoes and being knocked over by jumping for the foreseeable future, let’s talk alternatives. Taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar, an ultra well-known veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior and Training Problems is an online course that makes training your dog at home 100% possible. All you need to learn the ropes is internet access and a laptop.

You know the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? It’s not totally off. While starting a dog’s training and preventing bad doggo behavior in adolescent years is ideal, that’s not always an option. Older dogs (like older people) get set in their ways over time and aren’t as receptive to traditional training methods, and puppies that were neglected or abused in a previous environment may have emotional baggage that makes them act out and be less receptive to training. Some of these bad behaviors include destructive chewing, going to the bathroom in the house, excessive barking, fearfulness and separation anxiety, and jumping. 

Image: udemy

Image: udemy

The course uses six hours of video and supplemental resources to dive into the mind of a dog, offering knowledge on the right way to use commands and rewards, as well as insight as to why he or she hasn’t listened in the past. Dr. Dunbar has given numerous TEDx Talks on dog behavior issues and is a world-renowned dog trainer, so it’s no surprise that the course has been taken by almost 10,000 students — or that it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. No prerequisites are required, but we may suggest doing a little surface level research before starting the class, as Dr. Dunbar gets pretty scientific with some of his explanations. The best thing about this course? It offers peace of mind that your pup isn’t hopeless, and that reversing canine anxiety and bad behaviors is possible.

Participation in the course regularly costs $99 (compared to over $300 for in-person lessons) and is often on sale for as low as $10.99. Read more about the course and enroll here.

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