A quick Google search will tell you right away that email marketing has the highest return on investment for your marketing dollar.

But that’s only if it’s done the right way!

The top 5% of online marketers have reached their Million-dollar incomes from growing and sending to their email lists.

But email marketing can be too overwhelming…

  • Most email marketing platforms are complicated and confusing to learn…
  • How do you manage subscribers?
  • What links do you send your readers to?
  • How often do you have to write and send messages?

Look, your time has got to be spent running your business, not wasting your days trying to figure out all of that!

But, you’ve heard it a million times in a million places…

“The Money’s in the List”

The biggest and best online marketers focus all of their attention and effort to get their visitor’s email address.


Because email is a direct and immediate, permission-based channel for promoting your offers to interested and eager buyers.

No matter what size, the budget, the industry or product, every online business needs the same thing – generate more revenue with less expense. The single most effective method is by email marketing.

If you’ve been struggling to build your full-time, part-time or even free-time online business, you’ve learned how hard it is to get enough cold traffic to your website and hope it converts to sales.

Marketing to a group of email subscribers that have already shown an interest in you and your offer is much, MUCH easier and effective.

But how do you build and grow that list?

How do you scale that marketing effort?

How do you really “make money while you sleep?”

Meet my buddy, Len.

Len has been self-employed working with companies all across the world for the past 18 years. He works out of a small office in his home and makes a great living doing what he does.

He doesn’t have 3 Ferrari’s, 6 houses, and a private plane; and although I didn’t ask him, I highly doubt he’ll give you a tour of his house…

But when it comes to building a stable income from home, the guy knows what he’s doing.

So after 18 years of banging away and providing a stable income for himself and his family, Len finally decided to teach others how it’s done.

His first training program is called Email Profit Engine and it’s seriously top notch.

No “pay-by-the-hour” offices in NYC with Harleys in the living room, no rented Lambos, no going to the airport to take pics in front of someone else’s plane…

Just hardcore, straight to the point, no BS training on how to build a REAL business from home and make the income you deserve.

Will this training get you all the toys the IM douchebag machines rent by the hour to take Instagram pics with? NO.

Will it give you the training you need to create Income Freedom for yourself and your family? Yes, if you follow along and actually do something.

He created a short video about his new training course:

Whether you decide to invest or not in Len’s training is up to you, but for the price he’s asking (I think around $10) it’s well worth it.

Plus, he’s a really good guy and that goes a long way in this business.

Here’s what you’ll get from Len:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Member’s Portal
  • Printable, 36-Page Comprehensive Training eBook
  • 35+ Mins of Step-by-Step Over the Shoulder Supplementary Videos
  • PLUS Three Exclusive Bonuses valued at $395

Email Profit Engine is the exact same strategy used by the Top 5% Online Marketers to generate HUGE passive revenue streams…

And Len, even though you’ve never heard of him, is in that top 5%.


Check Out Email Profit Engine Here