The lunar eclipse captivated stargazers across the world, generating countess photos and a decent dose of humour

Amateur skywatchers and photographers from around the world – as well as the stargazing professionals – have sacrificed sleep to share spectacular images of the blood moon on social media.

NASA put up a handy explainer (even though North and Central America were left out of the shade), and streamed the eclipse’s progress from a variety of planetariums across the world.


What’s a blood Moon? How does the science behind an #eclipse work? Right now, a #LunarEclipse is underway in the sky over much of Earth’s population except North & Central America. Get the answers to these & other questions about this celestial event:

July 27, 2018

Other space experts also made their contributions, including from the international space station.

Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex)

Caught the Moon leaving Earth’s core shadow, just before setting over the South Atlantic. Last photo of the #LunarEclipse taken from #ISS. #Horizons

July 27, 2018

Matt Robinson (@Astro_Matt27)

The Moon in full eclipse alongside the Milky Way and above Mars during tonight’s #LunarEclipse #BloodMoon @ProfBrianCox

July 27, 2018

Meanwhile, earth-based photographers shared incredible shots on social media as the moon rose.