As I continue to write more and more food-related articles, it’s becoming quite obvious that I’m a much pickier eater than I once thought.

And with that revelation comes another shocking fact about myself that might just turn most of the world against me: I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate. While most people go gaga for any and all things chocolate, I’ve never really seen the appeal of it.

Until now. My craving for chocolate is currently through the roof, and I’d dip, dunk, or even drink the tasty goodness through a straw if I could. Many will agree that chocolate is at its best when it’s melted down, but unfortunately, this isn’t too easy. Who wants to haul out the double boiler and hover over the stove until the chocolate’s just right? But now, thanks to The Yummy Life, you can melt down chocolate chips using a slow cooker. Here’s how:

Fill Mason jars up with your favorite baking chips and place them in your slow cooker.

The Yummy Life

Next, fill your slow cooker halfway with water. Leave the lid off of it, power it up on high, and let it sit. Stir the chips once every 30 minutes. It’s that simple!

Once you melt down your chocolate, it’ll stay melted for up to three hours.

And now that you know this baking hack, here are 17 recipes that put it to excellent use:

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