Car accidents are horribly stressful, scary experiences for everyone.

I count myself as lucky because I’ve never been in a major wreck, which is probably due to my granny-like driving speeds. But for the unfortunate people who have to send their cars on a one-way trip to the the junkyard after getting totaled, it can be like losing a dear friend. That why I love what this guy did to keep a piece of his beloved vehicle after it was destroyed by another car.

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When Redditor graaaypes was involved in an accident that left his car completely inoperable, he decided to save the engine and turn it into a seriously awesome coffee table that would help him remember his old vehicle forever.

After the wreck, he kept his Bugeye WRX, hoping to use the good parts for his next purchase.

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He figured that the engine probably wasn’t worth keeping, but he and his dad began cutting off the plastic and metal surrounding it to find out if they could rebuild it.

With the help of a torch, they finally got the bumper off and were able to pull the engine out.

Then they began taking it apart to check for internal damage.

After realizing that it would take too much effort to rebuild the engine, they decided to turn it into a coffee table and began scrubbing it with dish soap.

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When it was cleaned to perfection, graaaypes drilled dowel holes where he would attach everything for the table.

Instead of getting rid of the engine rods, they decided to use them as cool table legs.

And to make sure they were even and installed properly, they did a mock-up of how the legs would stand on the support pads.

To add some color to the table, he painted the lower intake and valve covers red.

After baking the pieces in a repurposed smoker, they were ready to sand all of the disassembled parts.

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When everything was smooth, he primed the rest of the pieces and coated them with aluminum engine block paint. Pretty snazzy!

Next, they began to reassemble the engine.

The red parts added the perfect pop of color.

Everything started to come together when they attached the belt and support for the glass top.

The only thing left to do was to add the tabletop.

To keep the glass secure, he added door weather stripping to the mount.

And he was left with one of the coolest coffee tables ever.

It would be so awesome if the engine actually worked, but I’m sure graaaypes is more than happy with his creation. If you have an old engine lying around and want your own amazing table, you can find the full instructions here.

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