Like most of my fellow 90s babies, I watched a lot of SpongeBob back in the day.

In fact, I still binge-watch way more SpongeBob than Id like to admit.

However, now that Im an adult and whatnot, I try to keep my OD SpongeBob obsession a bit more on the down low.

Before you whip out thefugly SpongeBob comforter thats been stashed under your bed since the fifthgrade, its important to remember that were all, in fact, adults now, so we should probably decorate our apartments like one.

Check out the pictures below to see all of the ways you can subtly deck out your apartment in sophisticated SpongeBob decor:

If youre looking for a low-key way to embrace your love for SpongeBob, you can spruce up your space with apineapple planter from under thesea

Pay tribute to Patrick with a pink starpillow

Add some sandy accents to your space

Transform your kitchen into the Krusty Krab with some delicious Krabby Patty decor

or go all out and transforma fish tank into a real-life rendition of Bikini Bottom.

You cant go wrong with a chair inspired by the magic conch shell

Some purple SpongeBob-approved sheets

A handful of plant holders from Jellyfish Fields

A porthole mirror that lets you admire your square ensembles

A wumbo shell chandelier

A teapot inspired by Gary the Snail

or a plate thats perfect for serving Grandma SquarePants cookies.

You can brighten up your bedroom witha square yellow dresser

Perfect your decorating technique with a beautiful bubble lamp

Arrange your beloved bubble buddies in a bowl

or suspend some jellyfish lamps from your ceiling.

You could also tryaclock that looks like SpongeBobs TV

A modern-day shell phone

An island-inspired piece of artwork

or a smiling SpongeBob pillow, of course!

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