Comics, including Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah, discussed problems with the American Health Care Act and the presidents interview with Time magazine

Late-night hosts took aim at Donald Trumps continuing problems with his healthcare bill, referring to it as insane, cruel and reckless.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spoke about the staggering number of headlines the president is able to be involved with in such a short space of hour. Hes like a Kardashian theft inside a white Bronco chase inside a missing Malaysian airlines flight, he said.

He brought up Trumps much-discussed interview with Time magazine, calling it a fresh rambling monologue straight from the slam poet-in-chief.

Noah continued: I know that Trump bides away from alcohol, but every time I read his quotes, it stimulates me suppose Im drunk.

Trumps cabinet was also forced to deal with the most recent revelations about Paul Manafort, former campaign director and Sylvester Stallone lookalike who was reportedly paid $10 m to help promote the agenda of Vladimir Putin in the US.

Noah then showed the viral picture of the Russian chairman riding a horse while shirtless. Manafort directed that photoshoot, he said.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host also discussed the Manafort controversy. So Trumps campaign chairmans previous job was working to advance Vladimir Putins agenda, he said. Thats like finding out your babysitters previous undertaking was cooking children into pies.

He discussed the extreme cuts that the proposed healthcare reform would bring. Republicans think that your insurance scheme shouldnt be required to cover hospitals, he said. But dont worry, every American gets one free ride on the cart that picks up your dead.

Meyers shared a picture of the meeting room of men who were discussing the major cuts to womens healthcare. Look how many middle-aged white dudes there are, he said. Get those guys some guitars and a drum set, and thats a Cialis commercial.

Finally, he referred to the bill as insane, cruel and reckless.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live !, the comic called the last 24 hours one of the most dramatic episodes of The Celebrity Ap-president yet.

He also referred to the problems that Trump has encountered in get the healthcare bill to pass. Its back to the drawing board, but regrettably Trumps budget for education cut funding for drawing boards, he said.

Kimmel played footage of Trump in a truck, honking and showing off. The guy told him to honk if he was horny and he was like: Melania doesnt even live in my house anymore, he said.

He also doubted that Trump had even read the healthcare proposal. Unless that bill is hot-glued to the back of a Victorias Secret catalogue, theres no way Donald Trump read that thing, he said.

During Trumps interview with Time magazine, he boasted that he couldnt is being done that severely because he was still chairperson. Lets check back in a week or two and see if thats still the case, Kimmel said.

On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon spoke about Trumps manic attempts to get party members on board with the healthcare bill. Trump was up all night calling Republican, he said. He said he would have called Democrat but figured they were already on the line spying on him.

Fallon also referred to Trumps bragging line about being president in his interview. Then the reporter was like: True, but youre being investigated by the FBI and Im not, he joked.

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