Cakes are usually as stunning as they are delicious, but it takes a true ace of cakes to make these desserts look scary.

She may be a nurse in upstate New York by day, but Katherine Dey has a second career as a culinary mad scientist. The artist specializes in making horror-inspired treats that will make you feel queasy and hungry at the same time.

When it comes to creepy cakes, Katherine Dey’s are a cut above the rest.

It may look like she’s feeding you props from a zombie movie, but rest assured that these cakes are much sweeter than actual human flesh.

She seems to be especially good at making icing look like blood and guts.

I like bacon and all, but this might actually take the cake.

Roadkill seems to be a popular theme of hers, and I like it.

You don’t merely slice a Katherine Dey cake. You make an incision.

Since I hate ticks with every fiber of my being, I find this very satisfying.

Seeing this headless pigeon is also strangely cathartic. I do call New York City home, after all.

Let’s give the lamprey’s face to the birthday girl!

Jonathan Swift would be proud!

This is a bust of Dey’s dad. I don’t know why, but I find this one insanely creepy.

Katherine Dey makes equally disturbing works of body art, which you can find on Facebook along with the rest of her creations. Check out her full portfolio here!

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