Many of us have insecurities about our bodies at least at some point in our lives. Some don’t like the shape of their nose, some are very self-conscious about a couple of blemishes that are decorating their faces from time to time and whatnot, the list is really endless. But some of us have it harder than others and are facing serious health issues that make it hard to accept themselves for who they are. This is exactly the case for Mandy Pursley as well but she found the most beautiful way to help herself accept and even celebrate her disability. Scroll down for the whole story!

Growing up as an amputee, Mandy Pursley didn’t know many people like her

Nowadays we can all find people we relate to on various social media platforms which can make us better cope and accept ourselves easier. But this wasn’t the case for Mandy who didn’t get to see any people like her in the media while growing up, nor did she know any with similar conditions. This left her struggling to accept her physical differences for a long time.

Nor did she see any in the media which made it hard for her to accept her differences

It took her a long time but now she’s decided to celebrate her differences by making this beautiful Cinderella costume

Despite her never seeing such role models as herself while growing up, she strongly believes that “being different and unique can actually be a positive trait.”

She also had a glass arm made especially for her to go with the dress

And used it to make a little twist in the classic story

So it only makes sense that after her daughter fell in love with Cinderella, she saw this as an opportunity to be the kind of role model she never had while growing up. Which proved to be really needed as her friend later asked her to share the pictures so a little girl who was born with one arm could see them.

Her husband Ryan became her Prince Charming in this beautiful photoshoot

And seeing all of this really makes one believe in fairytales again

Soon after her post, the pictures of the gown she made by herself went viral. Although she doesn’t take all the credit for the costume and thanks her “fairy godfather” Gilbert Lozano who brought everything together with the most amazing glass arm.

People on the Internet have fallen in love with the story as well

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